Football Lukas Hradecky believes Jere Uranen will obscure the Mess: “Nothing can be done from the left!”

Lukas Hradeckyn is the captain of Leverkusein in the beginning of the season. In addition to him, Joel Pohjanpalo and Fredrik Jensen from Finland play in the Bundesliga.

German In the Bundesliga, the first goalkeeper of the Finnish national team Lukas Hradecky a new chapter starts as he is now the captain of his team Bayer Leverkusen.

“Yes, it brings a little new, more communication with the head coach, sports executive and other executives,” Hradecky tells HS by email.

However, Hradecky points out that the performance of the game must not be affected in any way by the captain’s ribbon, unless then positively.

“I have to remember that being the Luke I was before the tape, I have to be with the tape as well, then I find it most useful.”

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Leverkusen has a clear goal for the season: to return to the top four, the qualifying place for the Champions League. Last season, Leverkusen was sixth.

“The Champions League is always the goal for this club,” Hradecky emphasizes.

“Personally, I was also left in a tooth hole for my debut season in the Champions League, so it would be great to experience it again, and I hope with the fans!”

When talking From Hradecky, beer cannot be ignored. Another football player from Turku is under the European Championship final tournament Jere Uronen told the Belgian newspaper about Hradecky and his brothers:

“I don’t know of any other family that likes beer so much. Their love for beer is greater than their love for football. ”

Hradecky signs his friend Uronen’s claim.

“This claim is true. We like both, but certainly more beer. There is no problem with this combination in Germany – a great place where beer culture goes hand in hand with football. ”

Hradecky states that he thinks winger Uronen was the Best Player of the Owls in the European Championship finals.

In the summer, Uronen moved to Brest in the French league, ie he may have moved to PSG Lionel Messin August 20.

“Jere deservedly got a move to the top 5 and it looks like Messi won’t do anything against Brest on the left!”

In addition to Hradecky, Finns play in the Bundesliga Joel Pohjanpalo (also in Leverkusen) and Fredrik Jensen (Augsburg).



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