Football Liverpool’s fourth-year loss-free home series broke with a shock loss to Burnley – Klopp must stop the championship plunge

Premier League reigning champion Liverpool head coach Jürgen Klopp took primary responsibility for the sudden collapse of the Liverpool championship battle. Thursday marked the end of Liverpool’s fourth-year series of lossless home games. It started in April 2017 and lasted a total of 68 matches until Burnley, who fought against the relegation, came to Anfield Stadium.

The away team Burnley came in to the away field only one place higher than the teams in direct danger of relegation. Sean Dychen coached by Burnley, however, gained a huge boost in his fight against relegation when Ashley Barnes seven minutes before the end of the game, he scored a penalty kick from which he finished the winning goal himself.

Kloppin Liverpool have now played five consecutive winning matches and have already dropped to fourth in the league table by six points from Manchester City, which leads the Premier League.

During a series of 68 loss-free home games, Liverpool had time to decide their 30-year expectations for the Premier League championship, but its chances of winning the league again are dwindling from match to match.

“We lost a match that I thought was almost impossible to lose, but we did,” Klopp said.

“It’s my fault, because my job keeps the team in the right emotional state so they have enough self-confidence.”

Through the championship team, the entire team has overshadowed defensive injuries, but the recent depletion of goal foul has cost Liverpool a lot.

Although Liverpool have had 72 goals in their last four league matches, it has not been able to finish even those goals.

“Decision-making in our attack doesn’t work, that’s where we have a problem,” Klopp said.

“We left the game open and lost. It has to be said that I didn’t think we would lose, but the loss is true and we have to accept it. ”

Klopp reacts before the match to Liverpool’s longest goal-free season in the Premier League in sixteen years, leaving his best goal scorer Mohamed Salahin and center striker Roberto Firminon to the bench.

Firmin’s place taken Divock Origi confirmed in the game why the champion team has been so dependent on his familiar trio of attackers when he shot the ball into the top corner after reaching the sober Burnley goalkeeper Nick Popen with.

Belgian striker Divock Origi has scored many important goals for Liverpool in recent years. The best of these are the two goals remembered against Barcelona in the 4-0 victory in the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona two seasons ago. But in the Premier League, Origi has only scored one goal since December 2019.

Salah and Firmino formed an offensive trio at the beginning of the second episode Sadio Manen but Burnley held up against Liverpool pressure.

Pope excelled against Salah’s corporate front post. Firmino’s goal scoring difficulties continued after his attempt Andy Robertsonin from a good pass went terribly past the goal.

Burnley had only been hit once in his last four matches. Sean Dychen’s players took advantage of Liverpool’s wicked defense as goalkeeper Alisson had to break Barnes. Burnley won at Anfield for the first time since 1974.

Championship team Liverpool could fall to seventh place before playing their next Premier League match. Liverpool’s match schedule is challenging. On Sunday, it will face Manchester United in the England Cup, and since then, the Premier League will face five of the top seven teams in the next six matches.

One could rightly say that Liverpool are suffering from a championship hangover. But the reasons for the downturn are not just mental, rather they are the result of numerous injuries. Now it looks like Manchester giants United and City are preparing to fight for two championships in the rest of the season.

Klopp must now make sure Liverpool ranks in the top four and qualifies for the Champions League.

How how has the master got to visit?

First, Liverpool’s defense leadership figure Virgil van Dijkin being sidelined for the entire season would in itself have been a sufficient setback to affect the championship chances. In addition to the Central Defender Joe Gomez suffers from a long – term injury and another topper is Joel Matip has suffered injuries.

When Klopp has not had experienced toppers at his disposal, he has had to use midfielders Fabinhoa and Jordan Hendersonia as central defenders. Despite all the difficulties, Liverpool’s defense has held up well, scoring just nine goals in 14 matches.

The price of the substitutions has been the imbalance of the team. The speed of Van Dijk and Gomez was enough to keep Liverpool’s defensive line high and Fabinho and Henderson were previously winning the balls in midfield. Due to the changes, Liverpool’s typical aggressive squeeze game has not been successful.

At the head of the attack The problems of Firmino and Salah have come to the fore when he shared responsibility for scoring from the beginning of the season Diogo Jota has been injured. The Portuguese started their Liverpool career at a tremendous pace, scoring seven goals in their first nine matches.

When Jota was injured in early December, Klopp has been forced to play Salah, Mane and Firmino, who would have needed rest.

Salah, Mane and Firmino remain in Liverpool’s club history as an offensive trio that winged the team to end decades of championship expectation. The trio also played a key role when Liverpool won the European Cup for the sixth time in the Champions League. In the last four seasons, they have fed each other and scored a total of 248 goals. After Jota has been gone, the shortcomings of the rest of the team in the attack have come to the fore.

The rest of Liverpool’s entire team have scored just six goals in Season 19 league matches, and none of these other players have scored more than one goal.

Klopp’s crew collected a whopping 97 points in the 2018–2019 season but still lost the championship to City. Last season, Liverpool set a club record by collecting 99 points in the championship season. With Liverpool also making it to the Champions League final twice in the last three seasons, it is clear that the team’s hunger for success is no longer as glaring as in previous seasons.

Liverpool, who played with a battered team and without public support, looks like a beaten team. Klopp must stop the plunge, which does not seem to end right now.

Sources: Reuters, AFP.


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