Football Lionel Messi, who left FC Barcelona, ​​talks about the events of the last few days – HS will show the press conference live around 1 p.m.

FC Barcelona announced on Thursday that the superstar will not continue in the company anyway.

The world of sports one of the brightest superstars footballer Lionel Messi tells of the events of the last few days on Sunday afternoon.

HS will be broadcasting the Messiah press conference live from around 1 p.m. Before that, there will be a live broadcast from outside Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, ​​where fans of the club are expected to gather before the press conference.

FC Barcelona, ​​a long-time club at Messin, 34, announced on Thursday that Messi will not continue in Barcelona, ​​which he has represented since his junior years.

The parties had time to agree on an extension agreement as early as July. Mess’s previous contract expired at the end of June, and she has been without a contract ever since.

However, the club shocked the global sports field by saying on Thursday that a follow-up agreement would still not be possible due to “structural and economic barriers”.

More directly, this means that the club, which is in a deplorable financial situation, would not be able to meet the financial rules of the Spanish main series, La Liga, with the Treaty of Mess.

Financial fair play rules were introduced in 2013. According to them, the maximum salary budget for teams is determined by the income of the previous season.

Catalan giant in the ranks, Messi, who won everything possible, finally celebrated in July in an Argentine shirt as well.

The Copa América, or South American championship won by Argentina at the time, is the first major competition Messi wins in a national team shirt.

He also has Olympic gold from 2008, but men’s Olympic football is played without the best players due to age rules.

The International Football Association Fifa requires teams to have a maximum of three players over the age of 23.

Messi has been voted the best football player in the world by a record six times.



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