Football Lionel Messi had time to finish twice on the Argentine national team – fortunately the decision changed and now he is celebrating the championship as a great hero

Messi, 34, finally got his first big trophy on the Argentine national team.

Year It could be in Barcelona Lionel Messille difficult, but now everything has been wiped out. Argentina won the Brazilian Copa América in the final 1-0 and Messi unleashed his joy – and so did all the other players.

Messi kissed Maracana’s grass, got the other players around and a moment later he was thrown into the air. The festivities were in Argentina, but perhaps even more so in Mess.

Stadium was the same with which Argentina lost the World Cup final to Germany in 2014. It was one of Mess’s many bitter losses on the Argentine shirt on. Gone were the sweeps away when Messi won his first big trophy with Argentina.

Perhaps the value of the prize is slightly increased by the fact that the final of the tournament was played against Brazil, a beloved enemy. And even in Brazil at their national stadium.

In his company In Barcelona, ​​Messi won almost everything possible: the Champions League, the trophy trophies and, in fact, all possible personal recognitions and selections.

Messi ja Cristiano Ronaldo almost got their own awards for the best player in the world for themselves, but still Mess was missing something. There was no trophy with Argentina. Ronaldo got his own with Portugal, but now there is one at the Mess as well.

Some were confused about Mess’s victory. Twitter burst into pictures, little information, fun and wit related to the fair.

One of the funniest parallels was the parable of Ronaldo and the European Championship won by Portugal in 2016. The date was the same as at the Mess trophy: July 10, or 10.7.

The match was awarded after 22 minutes. Ángel Di María scored a goal that lasted until the end. Argentina returned to champions for the first time since 1993.

This period can accommodate the entire career of Mess, even a little over. Rodrigo De Paul gave tens of meters a long pass to Di Maria from the back of the Brazilian line of defense. Skillful first touch and then controlled lifting goalkeeper Ederson over.

The ball sank even into a painfully slow arc into the Brazilian net.

Mess has led Argentina many times before, both at the World Cup level and at Copa América, but now everything has materialized. He scored four goals in the tournament and made five assists. He was the number one player in the tournament.

The New York Times wrote that Messi had time to quit the national team twice, but fortunately reversed his decision.

The 2014 World Championships took hold at the Fair, but so did the Copa América tournaments in 2015 and 2016. In the latter two, Argentina lost the finals to Chile.

It has probably not been easy to continue on the national team after difficult club team seasons, when national team games have brought only bitter disappointments before this.

News agency AFP wrote that the final of the tournament was the first to get an audience of 7,800 spectators. The number is about one-tenth of what one could take for the current Maracanal.

For a small group, memorable moments were offered, from the extremes of the emotional scale, whether you were a supporter of Argentina or Brazil.



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