Football Linda Sällström, who was washing in Litmanen’s and Pukki’s paints, is a multi-talent who worked harder than Annimari Korte when she was younger.

The future doctor Linda Sällström, 33, will wear the same colors both in her company at HJK and on the national team. The look of the paint, which has returned to domestic fields in the summer, is already in next summer’s European Championships.

Sports street along the electric kickboard to his workplace in front of the Bolt Arena Linda Sällström, 33, is a person who is suitable for many, for example.

For electric kickboarders in how the running game is run and how it is parked.

The goals set high in how challenging studies at a top university are combined with a career that requires extreme commitment.

For everyone in how important human rights and equality are.

And for athletes of all ages in how hard work makes a one-sided enthusiast the best Finnish goal scorer of its kind ever.

48 Sällström has waved the net in the Finnish shirt more than Laura Österberg Squid (41), Jari Litmanen (32) or Teemu Pukki (30).

Sällström the comparison to Litmas or Pukk is, of course, useless in the broader picture. In pure numbers, however, the numbers underline his significance for the national team.

The achievement is emphasized by the fact that the HJK star did not even have to become a football player.

“Athletics was clearly my number one sport when I was 15 years old,” says Sällström.

At that time, in August 2003, he won the Finnish championships in his pole vault and 80-meter fencing.

Seiväskulta broke away with a result of 310 and the championship of quick fences with a time of 11.50. Sällström crushed the bronze medalist Annimari Kortteen exactly four tenths (11.90).

“I’ve beaten him quite a few times in June skills, but it’s been really great to see where Ann’s career has gone.”

“Athletics was clearly the number one sport at the age of 15.”

Linda Sällström, who has returned to domestic fields after a break of more than a decade, is the brightest player in the National League.

Football began to take up more space on Sällström’s training calendar when he started joining junior national teams from the age of 17.

In the same year, he competed in the pole vault of the Kaleva Games, not losing 335 but 15 cents to the upcoming Beijing Olympics To Vanessa Vandy.

However, an important question revolved in the mind of the young athlete. Sällström wondered how much he would have to give to the species. The bar record 353 had been set before the Finnish Championships.

“Even if I invest in athletics, will there be a similar performance trend there anymore. I felt like I had the fangs beyond the football side, ”he says.

Sällström, for example, does not believe that investing in a hurdle race would have made him a modern-level fence in the end. However, athletics has given a lot to football.

“Good when I could kick the ball when I was younger. However, the speed was such a clear strength that I was able to patch up a lot of shortcomings in other things. ”

“I felt like I had chords further on the football side.”

Features bred during 14 years spent abroad. Sällström says that when he left, he was full of raw people who “terribly didn’t understand anything”.

A grown man and an athlete returned from the world. A thoroughbred professional.

“I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better. I understand football in a completely different way than then, ”says Sällström.

He is one of those tough-class returnees who has pampered followers of domestic bowling throughout the summer and who are interested in sports fans across sport boundaries.

Sällström also belongs to HJK Tim Sparvin or arrived at Seagulls Petteri Koposen I meet the brightest players and speech topics in his series.

“It feels like the judges have been the most excited, which is a little surprising,” Sällström marvels.

“I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better.”

Linda Sällström enjoys Finland and HJK.

His The end-of-season agreement with HJK, signed in June, is a stimulus for the entire National League. The agreement includes an option for next season.

Raised by Korson Palloseura, he played for 2008–2021 in the Swedish Djurgårdens IF, Linköpings FC and Vittsjö GIK, as well as in the French Paris FC.

“I feel like I now know better what the points are, what I still need to develop and how to do it,” Sällström says.

“I can take responsibility for what I do in a different way than I might have known.”

Sällström last played on Finnish fields before this summer in 2007, when he represented the Tikkurila Ball Club. Now it is possible for him to be a full-time footballer.

“When I last played in Finland, I got a total of eighty for the whole season. I was in the mood to be paid for playing, ”Sällström laughs.

“When I last played in Finland, I got a total of eighty from the whole season.”

Star striker walks happily on the artificial grass of his home stadium. The circumstances and the daily lives of the players are now completely different from just over a decade ago.

Everything is also more equal, at least on paper.

For this season, HJK added both men’s and women’s championship stars to its logo, but are the talk of a common club a marketing speech or a buzzword?

“We have our own facilities here at Bolt, we train here and we have the same weight as the men. I see that circumstances and women have been taken into account, ”Sällström replies.

The development is also visible in the national team. There is more staff to support, and the training clothes are also designed for women, unlike at the beginning of Sällström’s career.

“There no longer needs to be five such oversized t-shirts that hang up to the knees, but we look more professional,” he describes.

“I see that circumstances and women have been taken into account.”

Linda Sällström has played 109 A-goals and scored 48 goals. He is the best Finnish goal scorer of all time in the A national football teams.

Professionalism Sällström grew in Sweden. Djurgården was a top club, the best series in Damallsvenska in the world and the distance home mentally remarkable.

Sällström joined a club filled with Swedish national team players with two German national team women. About them Nadine Angerer was the best goalkeeper in the world.

“Little Linda got into some tough company there. Going to the trainings was like it took a while before you got involved, ”Sällström recalls.

He signed his two-year Djurgården contract at the end of 2007 at the age of 19. Coach Anders Johansson gave support and demanded a lot.

“He even stopped training a few times to yell at me that Linda Satan, not that bad can be,” Sällström says.

“Yes, from there a few times I came to call my mother at home after training to see where I left.”

“Little Linda got into some tough company there.”

Jump It was big in Sweden, but Sällström says that he had always been aware of the place he had dreamed of. As a professional abroad.

“I had a dream of getting to the European Championships, which I had been waiting for a year, and I said, okay, that’s what this professional life is like. Deal with it, or go to the lust. ”

Sällström stated to himself that he could do nothing but adapt and cope. That’s what he did after the initial difficulties – successes brought both praise and responsibility.

“I feel that he is the coach under which I have developed the most,” Sällström says, referring to Johansson.

The striker later encountered Johansson in his career in Vittsjö as well. Currently, Johansson works as the second coach of the Brazilian women’s national team.

“Funny type. Outside the field a decent teddy bear, laid back and warm. But on the football field, he could snap his head and sometimes even harsh text. ”

“Deal with it, or go lust.”

HJK received excellent confirmation from Linda Sällström. Sällström’s return was a significant issue for the entire National League.

In Sweden Sällström also got a new direction in his life on the civil side. He applied for and got to study medicine at Lund’s top university.

“We should return there next autumn at the latest to continue my studies,” Sällström says.

He says the European Championships in England next summer are a dream he would like to experience once again in his career. Sällström played his first European Championships in 2009.

“When I could experience one more valuable competition, I have got what I have hoped for in my career.”

Sällström says that representing Finland in the championships has been a big motivator for a long time – even past the representation of the top European club or the final of the Champions League.

That is why Sällström came to HJK. Finland, which offers holistic well-being, is the right place to prepare for the Games, even though the series is not the most competitive in Europe.

“When I could experience one more valuable competition, I have got what I have hoped for in my career.”

Example There is a lot to say about France. The team and players were high quality, but the extra or more individual drills shone with their absence.

“Here I can have more influence on what I train and how much, and I get help to hone the things I want to be the best version of myself at the European Championships.”

Sällström has not yet made a decision on the continuation of his career after the European Championships. Studying at Lund sets its own requirements and challenges for time management.

Combining medical studies and football in the Vittsjö years was reminiscent of making a puzzle. Student vacations were missed, but the spirit was good and helpful from the start.

“The professors emphasized that we are here together and everyone wins by working together. It has only been accepted and rejected here, and no grades are awarded. ”

“The line and studies are so demanding anyway that there is no need for competition between them [arvosanoista], burning out and sabotaging others, ”Sällström adds.

Linda Sällström

At the end of June, Linda Sällström moved to the Helsinki Football Club.

  • A 33-year-old football player. Born in July 1988 in Vantaa.

  • Korson was raised by the Ball Society. Play at the Helsinki Football Club.

  • Other clubs: Tikkurila Palloseura, Djurgårdens IF, Linköpings FC, Vittsjö GIK, Paris FC Féminines.

  • Debuted on the women’s national team on May 14, 2004.

  • Played 109 A-matches and scored 48 goals.

  • Finland’s best goal scorer of all time in adult A national football teams.

  • Study place at Lund’s top university in Sweden. Studying to be a doctor.

The match of the national league at HJK – Ilves Töölö Bolt Arena on Saturday 21 August at 2 pm The match will be shown live on the paid Ruutu service. Ruutu and Helsingin Sanomat belong to the Sanoma Group.



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