Football Lahti magician Jasin Assehnoun decided in his farewell game, HIFK is plagued by the curse of inefficiency

HIFK has played for over 400 minutes without goals.

FC Lahden Finnish striker Jasin Assehnoun was the most watched player on Monday night when the people of Lahti applied for the Veikkausliiga score from HIFK.

Assehnoun, 22, was worth all the expectations. He solved the match for Lahti after 76 minutes Macoumba Kandjin feed along the ground to the finish. Assahnou pushed the ball away Markus Uusitalon forward and left Jukka Halme behind his back. A hit with skill and arrogance.

Lahti won the away game 1–0, when on the eve of Midsummer the corresponding game ended in Lahti without a goal.

The match against IFK could be Assehnou’s last in the Finnish Veikkausliiga. The transfer time of the club teams starts on Tuesday and Lahti has prepared for the departure of Assehnou.

Skillful and versatile Assehnou is probably heading to bigger fields, there have been rumors from Turkey.

Helsinki IFK started football in the Veikkausliiga well, but in the middle of the hottest summer the team lost their scoring goal.

IFK played 341 minutes without goals before facing FC Lahti. In scarcity, the team also went to the Bolt Arena on Monday night, when no goal came this time either. Now the goalless season has already lasted 431 minutes, or more than seven hours.

“Pretty much the same story that has been in many games, and released one a little easily,” Sakari Mattila said Ruudu in an interview.

IFK’s skillful and fiery Moshtagh Yaghoubi was involved in much against Lahti, but he too did not break the curse of unpainted. Yaghoubi offered one handsome hip rigging that would be much more proud of at a neighboring ice rink than on an artificial turf.

Skillful release feed Jean Mabindalle offered the best finish of the first half. Mabinda almost put the reducer away having drawn the entire left side defense away, but the shot went straight into the arms of the goalkeeper Antonio Regueroa. Another solution could have been tried.

The Lahti players dominated the opening half, but it was very difficult for them to rush through IFK’s defense. Ten minutes before Yaghoub’s button pass, Lahti’s Assehnoun got a try, but then IFK skipper Halme threw himself to cover the ball before it even reached goalkeeper Markus Uusitalo.

KTP lost 1–3 to IFK Mariehamn in their home game and is firmly stuck in the league’s tail just below AC Oulu.



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