Football | KuPS secured the second consecutive women’s Finnish championship, although there are still two rounds of matches left in the league

The people of Kuopio stretched their lead to HJK unreachable.

Kuopio The ball club secured the second consecutive women’s Finnish football championship on Saturday, when it won its match in the National League and HJK was tied. League champion HJK can no longer reach KuPS.

KuPS defeated PK-35 from Helsinki 5–1 at home and had to wait for the result of the HJK–PK-35 Vantaa match played later.

HJK was still leading the match in the final moments and was about to postpone the championship, but PK-35 Vantaa came to a 1–1 draw. This is how KuPS’s lead over HJK stretched to eight points, with only two series rounds left in the season.

“It’s nice that we got this out of the way here. You don’t even have to think about how it could happen in theory. The championship is ours”, KuPS head coach Ollipekka Ojala rejoiced in an interview with Yle.

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Ojala said that the players’ championship celebrations will have to wait. On Wednesday, KuPS will play for the Champions League group stage against St. Pölten from Austria.

“Let’s go all out for Wednesday. That’s when we celebrate the place in the group and the championship,” said Ojala.

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