Football Journal: Roman Eremenko’s contract is terminated by consensus – “The club appreciates him”

Roman Eremenko has been playing for FK Rostov since January 2019.

Russian league FK Rostov Roman Eremenkon the agreement is to be terminated by consensus, he says Sport-Ekspress magazine. According to the newspaper, the agreement would be terminated today.

Eremenkon, 33, the agreement would be valid until 2023. He has represented Rostov since January 2019. Non-Russian clubs were last represented by Eremenko in 2011 while playing at the Kiev Dynamo.

He was the first in Finland to report on the matter Evening paper.

Finland In the A national team, Eremenko has played 73 national matches. He has not returned to the national team after his two-year ban on competition caused by cocaine, but Eremenko has also not announced the end of his national team career.

Sport-Ekspress football supplier Konstantin Alexeyev by There is no drama or internal dispute over the termination of the Eremenko agreement.

“Not a single stone has been thrown in formal or informal conversations towards the player. The club appreciates the player, which has been of great benefit to them, ”Alexeyev writes.

Eremenko’s current season has been disappointing on a personal level. In the Russian Premier League, he has scored only one goal this season and scored one goal.


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