Football “I have never seen anyone lie about that many times” – Uefa president blames him for betraying Juventus club boss

The friendship between Alexander Ceferin and Andrea Agnell came to an immediate end.

European President of the Football Association Uefa Alexander Ceferin did not spare his words in criticizing the chairman of Juventus Andrea Agnellia.

Agnelli betrayed his friend Ceferin badly, when he resigned as chairman of the European Club Teams Association (ECA) and announced that Juventus would leave for the Super League in 12 major clubs.

“I’ve never seen anyone lie as many times and persistently as what he did. I talked to him on Saturday afternoon and he said everything was just lies, ”Ceferin told the New York Times Sports Editor-in-Chief. Martyn Zieglerin by.

“We didn’t know we had snakes so close, but now we know.”

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