Football HJK’s victory over Inter guarantees delicious setups for the championship battle: “Everything is still possible”

Captain Daniel O’Shaughnessy believes HJK will succeed in his last two matches, with the team leaving after a point at KuPS.

HJK – FC Inter 2–1

I play the spirit is clear in the last week of October. If the Helsinki Football Club wins both matches, it will certainly celebrate the Finnish men’s football championship.

The culmination of the Veikkausliiga will be a delicious setup when HJK overthrew Turku-based FC Inter 2–1 on Sunday and rose a point away from the Kuopio Ball Club.

“It’s a big week and everything is still possible,” said HJK’s captain, who also played a good match on Sunday. Daniel O’Shaughnessy said after an important victory.

“Now we can only focus on our own games. The championship is in our own hands – both will be won, so we can celebrate. ”

Strongly After 37 minutes, HJK were awarded a free kick. Then Riku Riski shot David Brownen low to the center of Inter’s right post.

HJK increased their lead after 54 minutes Lucas Lingmanin from a corner kick. Riku Riski continued to focus on the front post, where his little brother Roope Risk scored the ball.

“The first 60 minutes were pretty well under control: situations were created, perhaps more could have been done and Inter was kept out of place,” O’Shaughnessy repeated.

However, HJK did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out. Hugo Keto failed heavily in its opening. The situation is over Timo Furuholmin reduction in the 74th minute.

“Towards the end, the initiative was handed over to Inter. They got a little pressure created, but managed to keep them out of the most dangerous places, with the exception of one place, ”the captain said.

HJK will face its local opponent HIFK, who lost the opportunity to the euro fields last week, and KuPS, who is competing for the championship with him.

According to O’Shaughnessy, HJK will leave for the matches to be played on Wednesday and Sunday from “really good setups”.

“We know it’s in our own hands and we trust what we do. Even though there is a weaker section behind us, we know how much quality this team has and how good guys we have. ”

“We are confident that we will be able to get the results we need,” he continued.

Owls O’Shaughnessy, who played in the European Championship crew, is coming to an end. He will travel to Karlsruher SC in Germany in the 2nd Bundesliga in early December and will be eligible in January.

“There are not many games left. I’m enjoying everyone here now, and hopefully I’ll be able to crown this period at HJK for the championship, ”O’Shaughnessy said.

HJK lost their clear league lead, but was able to rise back into the championship battle. O’Shaughnessy does not wonder whether even a momentary overcoming of the difficulties gives an intellectual advantage against the crisis-free KuPS.

“We don’t think too much about what KuPS is doing. We will focus on doing our very own this next week, ”he added.

Championship battle

Starting points:

  • With two rounds left in the series, KuPS has 56 points and HJK 55.

  • HJK will meet HIFK and KuPS SJK on Wednesday. HJK and KuPS will meet on Sunday.

HJK is a champion if:

  • HJK wins HIFK and KuPS. In this case, HJK has 61 points and KuPS 56–59 points, depending on the outcome of the SJK game.

  • HJK plays a draw with HIFK and wins KuPS. In addition, KuPS loses or plays evenly against SJK. In this case, HJK has 59 points and KuPS 56 or 57 points.

  • HJK loses to HIFK and wins KuPS. In addition, KuPS loses or plays evenly against SJK. In this case, HJK has 58 points and KuPS 56 or 57 points.

  • HJK wins HIFK and plays a draw with KuPS. In addition, KuPS loses or plays evenly against SJK. In this case, HJK has 59 points and KuPS 57 or 58 points.

HJK champions in tie if:

  • HJK plays equal to HIFK and KuPS, and KuPS loses by at least six goals to SJK. In this case, both HJK and KuPS have 57 points, but HJK’s goal difference would be better than KuPS.

  • With a tie and a smaller loss for KuPS, the championship would go to KuPS thanks to a better goal difference.

  • KuPS’s goal difference before the last two matches is +26, which is five hits better than HJK’s +21. If HJK ​​only played draws in their last matches, its goal difference would remain the same.

  • If the goal difference is even, the goals scored are compared first. KuPS currently has 43 and HJK 39.

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