Football HJK took the lead right from the start of the game – Hit Haka with screen goals in half an hour

HJK’s game look was completely erased by last Saturday’s surprise loss in Oulu.

HJK prepared vigorously for Tuesday’s Football Champions League qualifier by hitting Valkeakoski Haka 2–0 in the league game. Haka, who had been petitioned for the second period, inevitably defeated. The game was Haka’s eighth consecutive winning match.

“Two great goals and we have half-places. A long time without wins, next week at home HIFK will have to grab a win, ”Hakan’s coach Teemu Tainio sums.

HJK’s game look had been completely wiped out last Saturday by a 1-2 loss surprise in Oulu. Now the Club took a sharp reins against Haka and held them tightly with an active grip.

Home team coach Toni Koskela did not spare in the opening configuration. After just over 100 seconds Jair Silva struck a 30 meter free kick home Mika Hilanderin behind.

An even more dazzling performance was soon seen when HJK’s Riku Riski released the Slovene Filip Valencicin goal scoring. The attacking star advanced into the box from the corner and fired the ball to his left from about 12 meters to the front top corner.

“It was ok with loads of players to play, two days to prepare for the (Champions League qualifiers) game in Malmö. Let’s see what needs to be done better to take the win and move on, ”HJK’s coach Toni Koskela said.

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