Football HJK lost to SJK in last minute chaos – KuPS now has a three-point lead

3.10. 20:31 | Updated 3.10. 22:37

HJK – SJK 2-3

HJK missed goals, victory and good news on Sunday. It got everything else.

On Sunday, it started the Veikkausliiga championship series with a so-called knife throat, when KuPS started its own games with a victory over Ilves on Saturday and escaped to a three-point lead in the top-down series.

When there are five matches left in the season, including Sunday’s game, each match is like a cup match for HJK. The first of these ended in a shock loss, which was also the first home loss against HJK in the history of HJK.

Eight minutes into the match, the visitors’ central line of defense had to look on as HJK dashed through, knocking home 3 – 0 for HJK. Just at that moment, Shifter Santeri Hostikan The 2-1 lead resulted in a cathartic experience for the supporters. Hostikka ran onto a great ball from Alejandro Villarreal, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed.

Santeri Hostikka (left) received congratulations from Luis Carlos Murillo after the goal.

The relief was only a couple of minutes away when SJK was sentenced at the other end Roope Riskin hand fault penalty kick. Denys Oliinyk certainly fired a 2-2 draw from the comma.

And overtime struck Tucowho lifted the ball over the goalkeeper Hugo Kedon. HJK’s defense was in turmoil.

The loss meant that KuPS now has a three-point neck at the top and an advantage in the championship battle that could culminate in the final round in Kuopio.

Three HJK had played without goals in his previous league match, but a total of nine half-time goals in various competitions were broken last Thursday with the Conference League victory over Armenian opponent Alashkert. The win, worth half a million euros in prize money, was the first good news after the losses.

Another good news was the HJK midfielder Lucas Lingmanin, 23, rehabilitation for the SJK match. Lingman was sidelined due to an injury, and of those matches, HJK only scored one point. On Sunday, Lingman showed his ability right at the start of the match.

Matti Peltola, 19, took the ball from the SJK defender and at the same time scored a free kick for the Club. Lingman crossed the ball into the box from the free kick David Browne weighed the ball into the goal in the fourth minute of the match. The opening goal cut off HJK’s seven half-time goal-free period in the league.

After ten minutes, HJK had a goal where a second goal should have been scored. HJK got a 4-2 force attack on SJK’s midfielder Jude Arthurin after ball loss. Browne slipped and slithered in the wet grass.

SJK’s a good period came after a half-hour game when it had three goal points within ten minutes. First left winger Denys Oliinyk overtook HJK’s right top Valtteri Morenin, but fired from a good location into the ball’s side net. Then came the places for Jude Arthur and Cristhian Valencialle, but HJK ‘s paint remained clean.

Lingman saved the HJK goal early in the second period when he blocked Noah Laine shot. Lingman came in off the bench Janne Saksela came to replace him. At the same time, HJK moved to a group of three toppers when Peltola moved to the side top.

After 59 minutes, Keto sent the corner kick right to Oliinykin who headed it sharply past the keeper.

When you try to score a goal enough times, the probability of the goal increases. SJK received its well-deserved handicap Murilon Cristhian Valencia crossed the ball into the box from the HJK topper Moren and Tenho.

SJK’s 1-1 draw was a turning point in the game, after which HJK no longer got a decent grip on the win. HJK has never lost to SJK at home before, but on Sunday the loss was in no way an injustice.

Some kind good news is promised next week when, according to HS data, the club will release a national team player Pyry Soirin, 27, agreement. That, too, is a meager consolation to HJK’s supporters after Sunday’s defeat.

Soiri is one of the players to add HJK to the already long list of national team players. Soiri, who last played in Esbjerg, Denmark, has signed a two-year contract with HJK, which has been behind him for a long time. 34 Soir, who played in the A national match, reportedly had the opportunity to move abroad as well.

Soir’s choice shows that HJK now has a reliable reputation among national team players, as during this season Soir was signed to HJK before Tim Sparv and Santeri Hostikka. The different thing then is what the players are able to offer the Club, as so far the issue has been minimal.

Soir’s contract was told earlier MTV Sports.

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