Football HIFK’s evening began beautifully with the Afghan flag on his shoulders, but ended ugly with the crush readings on the board

KuPS earned points from Helsinki thanks to a strong second half.

HIFK-KuPS 1-5 (1-0)

Helsinki IFK tunaro took the lead in the Veikkausliiga match against Kuopio Ball Club and lost 1–5 at home.

HIFK took the lead, 1 – 0, after a penalty 67 minutes into the match. KuPS had scored four goals – a hat trick! Markus Uusitalon behind your back.

Urho Nissilä began goal scoring after his concentration To Tim Väyrynen hovered directly into the back corner of the goal without hitting anyone. Next, Uusitalo fell in the penalty area Janis Ikaunieksin, and the Latvian stylized the point with a humiliatingly loose shot to the finish.

“Within ten minutes, the game went completely crazy and slipped out of our hands. I was disappointed. We cannot accept that. It was a dive. That paint destroyed us mentally, ”HIFK’s coach Joaquin Gomez manasi.

Ikaunieks, who came to the field at halftime, was a real super substitute, as he finished his second hit of the evening in an hour. 1-4 goals were answered Lucas Rangel, who danced in front of KuPS fans. HIFK was completely hit in the ground.

Nissilä fired an extra free kick goal, which is one of the most handsome of the season.

The people of Kuopio will continue the series in second place, while HIFK will be in sixth place.

Last the events of the past in Afghanistan were also visible in the Töölö Bolt arena. HIFK’s Moshtagh Yaghoubi had wrapped the Afghan flag on his shoulders as the teams stepped onto the field. Yaghoubi was born in Kabul.

“I have two sisters there and a lot of relatives. The concern is great. It is difficult to sleep and the stress is intense. You never know what’s going on there, ”Yaghoubi said.

The 26-year-old midfielder also got a prominent role right at the beginning of the match when he took the lead for HIFK in the 11th minute from the penalty spot.

The situation arose when the well-known attacker acquisition of the people of Helsinki Kei Kamara rynni to receive the concentration played for him. KuPS defenders tore Kamara to the ground with the power of two players.

HIFK supporters had to wait for the debut of Kamara, which was acquired at the end of July, for more than three weeks, as the match was the team’s first after a break of as much as a month. The Haka, SJK and Ilves matches planned for that time had to be postponed due to corona quarantines.

Kamara, 36, who had played in the Premier League, had no available replacements after 74 minutes.

Due to the corona regulations that came into force on Sunday, HIFK had to divide the auditorium of the Bolt Arena into as many as 38 blocks, each of which was allowed to take 50 people.

Thus, the total capacity of the stadium was 1,900 people. The audience was reported at 1,189.

In the second match of the Veikkausliiga evening, FC Honka disciplined IFK Mariehamn with a score of 1–3.

HIFK’s the season continues next Saturday as a guest of FC Honga. KuPS will travel to Germany in the middle of the week to play the second leg of the Conference League qualifiers against Union Berlin. The first match ended bluntly for the Berliners 4-0.

“It sucks. That game could be left out of play, ”the KuPS coach Simo Valakari threw after the match.



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