Football HIFK and HJK will break this season’s spectator records in the Stad derby on Wednesday

More than 5,000 spectators can be admitted to Töölö Stadium for a local football match.

Domestic league football this season’s record audience is expected to record on Wednesday as HIFK and HJK meet at the Stad derby.

About 5,300 spectators can be admitted to Töölö Stadium, leaving half of the benches empty. This must be done due to interest rate restrictions.

It’s good to get even that many viewers. HIFK and HJK have played this season for almost empty spectators.

In a match against Honka, HIFK was able to take 1,030 people to the audience in mid-June as the capital’s restrictions eased a bit.

“The Honka match went to a loss. The restrictions opened so late that no more people were available for the stadium, ”HIFK’s CEO Christoffer Perret says.

Club the encounter saves a lot of HIFK’s cash situation, even though one match doesn’t cover all places.

CEO Perret calculates that under normal circumstances, meeting HJK would bring about EUR 150,000 in cash, with all ancillary sales and corporate transactions. Now there is a maximum of about 50,000 euros left in the cash register.

“This is of huge importance. These are the only productive matches with such restrictions. In that sense, a very important game. ”

Stadium host HJK and HIFK have agreed that they will both be allowed to sell half of the available spectator seats to the derby.

A similar agreement also applies to the second local encounter awaiting in September, where HJK will serve as the home team.

“We share the opportunity to get ticket revenue,” Perret says, “when we don’t know if this is a good or bad situation.”

Perret hits right. When half of the maximum amount can be taken to the Bolt Arena at the end of June, no one knows what the situation will be like on September 22 at the Club’s home game.

“If you have the feeling of being exposed or been on a coron bus or in St. Petersburg, it’s better to stay home.”

Strict the restrictions apply to the match organizer, or HIFK, but they are also reflected in the spectators. A face mask must be worn in the arena. Bags and other items are repaired as the cloakroom enters, allowing security checks to run more quickly.

“We have made arrangements so that every other place is in use. The distance to the other is about a meter if you want. ”

HIFK and HJK agreed at the match safety meeting that an empty strip has been reserved on the side of all the stands, where you can go to sit if you want it to be even more relaxed.

“If you’re feeling like you’ve been exposed or been on a coron bus or in St. Petersburg, it’s better to stay home,” Perret says.

He is not afraid that the match became a new corona throw as a continuation of the St. Petersburg European Championships.

“As an outdoor event, this is completely safe, but if it’s in quarantine, it’s not the right time to move.”

HIFK also closes the rock tongue between Bolt Arena and the Olympic Stadium, where tens of spectators have usually gathered in matches of interest.

The summer heat weeks also continue during the local match, but there is a total ban on your own bottles of water. There will be water points in the stadium and more sales stalls will be open than usual.

Perret emphasizes that a match for such a large audience is important, including for kiosk sales.

In football terms HJK is going to the match once again as a big favorite. The club leads the Veikkausliiga by far as it has a seven-point neck to Inter in second. HIFK will start from place four to challenge the away team.

Over their history, HIFK and HJK have faced 78 times and the wins are tied: 28 each. Only in the goal difference HJK is a little better.

“I think the Stadin Derby has brought something unique to Finnish football culture. Now we are going a little at half power, but it is still the highlight of the year for many, ”says Perret from HIFK.

HIFK and HJK will meet at the Töölö Bolt Arena on Wednesday at 6.30 pm. The TV channel Jim shows the match live.



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