Football Helmarit plunges Cyprus: situation in the first half 3-0 – HS follows the final match of the European Championship qualifiers moment by moment

There are three new players in Finland’s opening line-up.

European Championship venue the women’s national football team, which reached last Friday, will face Cyprus in its final qualifying match on Tuesday night.

HS follows the match moment by moment. Follow-up can be found at the end of this story.

The women’s national football team, Helmarit, has not lost a match in the qualifiers and does not intend to lose the last match. In principle, the jumbo team of the qualifying block should be a mere opponent in a match where Finland can further beautify the goal balance of the qualifiers.

Finland’s number one striker Linda Sällström has scored nine goals in the previous seven matches of the qualifiers and is in third place on the qualifying goal exchange.

There are a few changes in Finland’s opening line-up to Friday’s opening. The second winger starts Kaisa Collin, Olga Ahtinen plays as a lower striker and Elli Pikkujämsä start as an edge pack.


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