Football Helmarit crushed Georgia in the World Cup qualifier 3-0

In the second half, it ruptured and Finland started stacking goals.

Little The match started sluggishly, but in the end Finland smashed 3–0 Georgian women’s soccer World Cup qualifiers in Tbilisi.

A completely one-sided match remained in Finland’s possession from the beginning to the last second.

Napakka Kaukolaukaus brought Finland a 1–0 lead on the spotted grass of Tbilisi. The first half was played for 17 minutes then.

In the second period, the match tore. Sanni Franssi and Emmi Alanen fired every three minutes into the Helmars 3-0 lead. The counterattack by Franssi resulted in a free kick that Alanen bent under the crossbar – 0 – 1!

Finland in the opening paint Linda Sällström fired a spiral ball about 20 meters next to the pole. The shot was good, but the goalkeeper Teona Suhasvili was misplaced and was given no chance to fight.

The line-up of the match was perfectly clear to Georgia. Goal readings had to be kept as low as possible. On the other hand, only victory was good for Finland, and he was happy to be rich. Eventually one came, although the low-tempo first episode promised a little second.

Georgia couldn’t really attack or keep the ball at all at home at Miheil Meshi Stadium, but their down-dragging defense was hard to pass in the first period.

Helmarit would have needed a degree more straightforwardness and tempo in their game in the first episode to hit holes in the Georgian downstairs. In the other half, cavities were found.

The ball was kept close to Finland, but with the exception of Sällström’s goal, no dangerous shots left Finland.

In the second half, Georgia tried once, at most a couple to attack. Just before Franssi’s goal, the home team attacked and got up. The loss of the ball led to a rapid counterattack by Finland when Jenny-Julia Danielsson opened sharply to Sällström.

In the running race, Sällström was faster than the Georgians and baited to the side I found Frans free. France distracted to the side and shot inside the ball under the crossbar.

Finland the opening hit was for Sällström a step towards the magical 50 goal limit when the hit was his 49th. Teemu Pukki lags far behind in comparison with 33 hits.

Sällström and Sällström started as Finland ‘s top pair Amanda Rantanen. The bench was restless, and with 64 minutes passed Rantanen’s coach gave Eduardo Alonso the opportunity the player had been hoping for.

World Cup qualifier is so early that Finland only played in Group A when they faced Georgia in their second match. Sweden lead the block after two matches with six points.

Helmarit will meet at the Irish Olympic Stadium next Tuesday. In that match, we are already starting to distribute some settings for the continuation of the World Cup qualifiers. Slovakia is the fifth team in the block.

The winner of the block will definitely go to the Australian World Cup.

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