Football Guardian: At least 6,500 migrant workers have already died at World Cup football sites in Qatar – Fifa says fewer have died in projects of the same size elsewhere in the world

According to the Guardian, the death toll is even higher because data on all migrant workers are not available.

Over 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since the country won the World Cup ten years ago, a British Guardian says.

The workers have been domiciled in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

According to the Guardian, an average of twelve workers with an immigrant background have died every week since December 2010.

The Guardian bases its data on data sources from these five countries.

According to the newspaper, the death toll is even higher, as there have also been workers from several other countries, such as the Philippines and Kenya.

Major some of the workers have worked on huge construction sites, as seven new football stadiums, a new airport, have been built in Qatar to prepare for the 2022 World Cup. roads, the public transport system, hotels and a whole new city where the World Cup final will be played.

Director of Fairsquare Projects, which specializes in Gulf workers’ rights Nick McGeehan says that although the deaths have not been classified by occupation or job, they are likely to have occurred in these very construction projects.

“A very significant proportion of the migrant workers who died were in the country just because Qatar won the right to host the World Cup.”

Qatar as early as 2014, government lawyers recommended that the government commission a study into deaths due to cardiac arrest of migrant workers and that autopsies be allowed in all situations. According to the Guardian, neither has been implemented.

The Qatari government says the number of deaths, which it does not dispute, is proportional to the number of migrant workers and that the figures include white-collar workers who have died naturally while living in Qatar for years.

According to the Guardian, it is difficult to obtain detailed information on deaths and, in addition, there are inconsistencies in the information. One South Asian embassy told the newspaper that they could not share information about the causes of death because they were only recorded by hand in a notebook.

According to a spokesman for the International Football Association (Fifa), strict regulations have been followed in the construction of the World Cup.

“The incidence of accidents at World Cup construction sites has been low compared to other major construction projects around the world.”

According to the Guardian, Fifa did not send evidence for its claim.


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