Football | Football giant FC Barcelona is in dire financial straits, but new players are signed almost every week – How is that possible?

The soccer giant FC Barcelona is in serious financial difficulties, but new players are acquired almost every week. How is it possible?

A goal stick Robert Lewandowski: price 50 million euros, winger Raphinha: 58 million, topper Jules Koundé: 45 million.

The Spanish football giant FC Barcelona has been in financial difficulties for a long time, but still the club has spent more than 150 million euros on summer acquisitions without selling anyone. How is this possible?

Barça’s financial difficulties became a big topic of conversation in August 2021, when my club Lionel Messi could not be kept in the club when the salary cap of the series came. Messi left, money problems remained.

The problem is, in summary, that according to the rules of the European football association UEFA, the club cannot spend more than the money that comes in. In addition, the Spanish league has a salary cap per club, which is determined in relation to income.

Spain’s La Liga announced the salary cap for clubs in connection with the Messi case, and for Barcelona it was 97 million euros. Despite this, the club acquired a lot of new players last winter, and in March La Liga announced that Barça’s salary cap was -144 million euros, meaning that salary expenses had to be reduced by 144 million euros.

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And what happened?

Last the best goalscorer of the years Lewandowski arrived from Bayern Munich, the talented winger Raphinha was acquired from Leeds, and the top scorer of the French national team Koundé from Sevilla. In addition, they came to “Blaugrana” on a free transfer Franck Kessie from AC Milan and Andreas Christensen From Chelsea.

There was hardly any money in the coffers from player sales. Aston Villa paid About Philippe Coutinho 20 million and Sporting Francisco from Trincao three million.

The list of departures includes loan players Luuk de Jong and Adama Traoréa veteran Dani Alves and a few linemen.

So the salary expenses could not be reduced with a quick calculation, and the account has not grown fat from player sales either, on the contrary.

How is the equation possible?

By trading the future.

Barcelona has sold the money from La Liga television rights to the international investment company Sixth Street.

First, the company bought 10 percent of Barcelona’s TV money for the next 25 years at the end of June. The price was 207.5 million euros. In July, Sixth bought another 15 percent more, and the price was ESPN’s approximately 320 million.

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ESPN estimates that in 25 years, Sixth will receive about one billion Barcelona in TV revenue, which means that Plussa would be worth about 500 million euros.

In addition to this, the club sold 25 percent of Barça Studios, which manages the club’s digital business and audiovisual productions. The buyer was, which paid one hundred million euros.

Already in March, the agreement between Barcelona and the streaming service Spotify was announced, which will bring the Catalans around 70 million euros per year for the next four years and 20 million euros per year for the following eight years.

Money so it will come – and it will be necessary, because according to the information, the club still needs to reduce its salary budget significantly in order to get all the players it wants to register for next season. There is time until September 1.

Selling Frenkie de Jong would lighten Barcelona’s salary budget significantly.

The main focus is on one of the team’s brightest stars In Frenkie de Jong. The midfielder has already agreed to transfer part of his salary to be paid in the coming years. According to the information, Barcelona owes de Jong approximately 17 million euros from previous seasons.

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According to estimates, the Dutch national team player earns even closer to 30 million per season. So it’s no wonder that Barça is tempted to sell the man.

According to information, an agreement was already reached with Manchester United in July for a transfer fee of 85 million euros, but de Jong himself has not been willing to move to a team that does not play in the Champions League. Another significant reason for stalling the transfer would be de Jong’s claim from Barcelona.

Other salary measures are also needed, but the importance of de Jong’s departure would be the greatest financially. Also star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Memphis Depay are for sale if there are willing buyers.

Sports success is a different matter. President of Barça Joan Laporta has justified acquisitions by maintaining competitiveness and thereby maintaining the public’s interest.

It remains to be seen whether a balance will be found and where financial risk-taking will eventually take the club.

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