Football | Fiorentina’s captain was the target of a violent attack in the Conference League final

West Ham supporters threw things at the Fiorentina captain during the Europa League final.

Football The final match of the European Conference League got a nasty aftertaste on Wednesday night, when stuff started flying from the West Ham supporter’s end after Fiorentina’s captain Cristiano Biraghin on.

Biraghi was preparing to take a corner kick when West Ham supporters started throwing beer mugs and other objects at him. Biraghi got a wound on his head that was bleeding profusely and had to be patched up.

“West Ham United fully condemns the small group of individuals who threw objects onto the pitch in the European Conference League final,” West Ham states in a statement, according to the Reuters news agency.

“Such acts have no place in football and do not represent the overwhelming majority of our club or supporters, who have behaved impeccably in Prague this week and over the past two seasons in Euro matches.”

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West Ham those identified as having participated in the throwing will be reported to the police and they will be banned indefinitely from West Ham’s home stadium and away matches.

Earlier on Wednesday, Czech police arrested 16 Fiorentina supporters who attacked West Ham supporters in a bar in Prague.

West Ham won the final match 2–1. Jarrod Bowen scored the winning goal in the 90th minute of the match. West Ham last won the European tournament, the Cup Winners’ Cup, 58 years ago.

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