Football Finnish player Glen Kamara opens up about the racist insult he has received: “Uefa’s inaction will be seen as a green light for racism”

Uefa is investigating both the allegation of racism made by Kamara and the suspected assault that took place after the game.

Scottish Glasgow Rangers Finnish midfielder Glen Chamber has published a bulletin through his lawyer detailing the defense of the Czech team Slavia Prague Ondrej Kudelan with from an incident that happened in Thursday’s game.

On Friday, the European Football Association Uefa said it was investigating the events of the game. According to Kamara, Kudela insulted him racistly. At the end of the match, it was seen how the Czech defender Kudela had covered his mouth and said something to Kamara that angered the Finnish player.

However, the details of the discussion had not been announced before. Now Kamara says in the press release that Kudela had an argument with one of the Rangers players, at which point Kamara had tried to intervene. Kudela had told Kamara to be silent and said “one second my friend”.

“After that, he came to me, covering his mouth and leaning on my ear, saying‘ you’re a v *** n monkey, you know you are, ’” the statement says.

Rind says he was shocked by what happened. According to Kudela, he just told Kamara that “you are a v *** n asshole”. According to Kamara, his teammates Bongani Zungu however, heard the same as Kamara.

The Chamber demands that Uefa take events seriously and act in accordance with its own policy of zero tolerance.

“As a player, I don’t expect me or anyone else to have to put up with racist hatred on or off the field in 2021. Kudela’s racist attack took place on the international stage, and Uefa’s inaction will be seen as a green light for racism.”

Rind also thank his team and manager Steven Gerrardia support. Gerrard said earlier in a Rangers press release that he trusted Kamara 100%. He also did not believe that Uefa would take the matter seriously enough.

“The responsibility lies with Uefa. I hope it doesn’t sweep under the rug. I am terribly afraid that what I hope will happen will ultimately be different from what will happen. This is still evident too much in games. A lot of work is being done to make it disappear from the species. I feel anger and disappointment myself, ”Gerrard said.

After the game, Kamaran was alleged to hit Kudela with a fist in the stadium oven while players were on their way to the locker rooms. Uefa is investigating both the accusation of racism and the events after the game. The Chamber does not mention post-game events in its release.

Rind is also a Finnish national team player. He will be involved in the World Cup qualifiers next Wednesday, when Finland will face Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium and Ukraine on Sunday in the away field.

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