Football FC Barcelona took its season-opening victory in the Champions League – Piqué’s winning goal kept alive dreams alive

Salzburg is making rapid progress in the G-block.

Football The Champions League Barcelona 21st Century Success Club Barcelona straw for sequels in this season’s Champions League will hold at least Wednesday after the Kiev Dynamo home game.

Barcelona, ​​which recently crashed on and off the field, took its first win in its third league game on Wednesday after defeating Dynamo 1-0.

Barcelona, ​​which won the Champions League four times in the 21st century, scored the winning goal Gerard Piqué. Barcelona played a reasonable first half in the forced slit, but on the second its performance was confusing. Of course, the Kiev Dynamo focused solely on defense.

At the end of the opening half, Piqué, a topper who had experienced the worst torment, was released by Barcelona in his financial difficulties on and off the field. He got Jordi Albalta precise focus on the penalty area and skillfully took the home team to 1-0 lead with inside blade control.

The hit was the only match of the match. Even a sweeping victory was most important to Barcelona at this stage, as it kept Catalonia’s pride in its continued potential alive.

Barcelona had lost their first two E-block matches to Bayern Munich and Benfica with a 0-6 goal.

Wednesday in the second early evening match, Salzburg, Austria, defeated Wolfsburg of Germany 3-1 at home in the G-block. Noah Okafor scored two goals for the home team Salzburg in the second half.

Out of his three matches, two winning and one tie Salzburg lead the G-block.

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