Football Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel focuses on facing Owls – Recipe for success ready: “All top teams do the same”

The goalkeeper describes his team as competitive and difficult to break.

One the thing will hardly ever change, even for a Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, 34, would stretch to how many top fights. It’s that he has to answer questions about his father, the goalkeeper legend Peter Schmeichelista.

The questions are in the air again when Denmark starts its contract in the men’s European Football Championship final tournament by hosting Finland on Saturday. Peter Schmeichel played a big role when Denmark progressed sensationally to the European Championships in 1992.

“My dad isn’t the type to talk about those things. Of course, the 1992 European Championships will always come to the fore in Denmark as we head to the big tournament, ”Kasper Schmeichel recently acknowledged the question of his father at an international remote press conference.

Denmark is not one of the biggest winners of the final tournament to be played across Europe, but it is surprisingly ready. This is evidenced by the strong performance and results of recent years.

In many papers, Denmark is the second favorite in Group B after Belgium. In the block, Russia and Finland, which is going to the competition, will also play in the block.

“We would be wasting our time if we didn’t believe in our success. We have been playing steadily and well for a long time. When you look at our results in recent years, you see that we are a team that is well organized, competitive and hard to beat and break, ”says Kasper Schmeichel.

He emphasizes that thoughts cannot take precedence over things, even if the team’s self-confidence is high.

“We can’t start talking about winning the tournament, it’s forced to live in an instant. Such a speech would take the focus from our next game. All the top teams and players of good teams do the same – they live in the present. ”

Schmeichel’s season in Leicester was strong, with the team eventually swing in fifth in the English Premier League. The crown of the club team season was the English Cup championship.

Schmeichel takes the cup as an example of living in an instant.

“We set a goal to win the Cup, but we couldn’t even go to the fifth round thinking about who we’ll get next. First we had to move on from the round. ”

Keeper assures that Denmark will focus entirely on the Finland match, which will be played at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.

Full auditoriums at Parken are not seen due to the coronavirus situation. There are 15,900 spectators, less than half of the stadium’s audience capacity.

“It’s going to be marvellous. It’s great to have some supporters in place, although of course our dream last year was for Parken to be full. I think the whole of Denmark is enjoying this because we have not experienced the same. ”

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