Football Cristiano Ronaldo was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle

Juventus began his season with a 2–2 away game against Udinesea.

Juventus began the pursuit of the Italian football championship by leaving his team the biggest star Cristiano Ronaldon to a substitution in an away match against Udinesea.

However, Juventus started the match strongly and took a break in the 2-0 lead Paulo Dybalan and Juan Cuadradon with paints.

Udinese narrowed down Roberto Pereyran A penalty was called after 51 minutes, and Ronaldo’s Ronaldo made the most of his chance to put his team up by another goal Alvaro Moratan in place of.

However, the net waved at its own end when Gerard Deulofeu finished off the hosts’ equalizer after 83 minutes.

However, the drama did not culminate in this.

Ronaldo puski Federico Chiesan concentrated on the ball in the fourth minute of the extra time and took off his shirt as he celebrated the hit.

However, a video check showed the situation was offside and so the match ended in a draw. Ronaldo’s warning about taking off his shirt instead remained in place.



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