Football Cristiano Ronaldo rises to the top of European goal statistics – world number one “that original Ronaldo”

Ronaldo has scored three goals in the current European Championship tournament.

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo scored its third goal in the European Championships when Portugal bowled to Germany with goals on Saturday 2-4.

At the same time, he rose to the number one split in European statistics of all time, Germany Miroslav Klosen when the goals scored in the World Cup and the European Championships are added together.

Both have a total of 19 hits. Ronaldo has scored 7 goals in the World Championships and 12 in the European Championships, Klose is the best World Cup scorer of all time with 16 hits, but there are only three goals in the European Championships.

When all the best players in the world will be on the list, and in addition to the World Cup goals, the goals of their own continent’s championship tournament will be included, with Ronaldo and Klose dropping to seventh place.

The number one is “that original Ronaldo, I.e. Brazilian Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, who scored 15 goals in the World Cup turf and ten goals in the South American Championship in Copa América.

Sports statistics wizard Miika Arposen according to Ronaldo are followed by Argentina Gabriel Batistuta (10 + 13) and the United States Landon Donovan (5 + 18).

Next are the Brazilian Ademir (8 + 13), Cameroon Samuel Eto’o (3 + 18) and Pelé (12 + 8).

With Ronaldo and Klose, the levels are still Brazilian Zizinho (2 + 17).

Last years the second big star of Argentina Lionel Messi has scored one goal in this year’s Copa América. There are a total of six goals in the World Cup and ten in Copa.



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