Football Christian Eriksen returned to Inter in “excellent condition” and the judge of the European Championships debut recalled the dramatic match

Anthony Taylor, who judged the match between Denmark and Finland, said that he immediately realized the seriousness of the situation.

Cardiac arrest due to the European Football Championship in the match between Denmark and Finland squatted on the grass surface Christian Eriksen has returned to Italy.

Eriksen, 29, who played in the ranks of the Milan-based Internazionale, better known as Inter, before the European Championships, went on Wednesday to greet the team at the club’s training center.

“The Danish midfielder met the club management, the coach, his teammates and the staff,” Inter informed on its website.

“Eriksen is fine, and is in excellent physical and mental condition.”

The club said Eriksen was following a special recovery program that Danish doctors prepared for him after the European Championships.

“Inter’s medical staff is, of course, kept up to date throughout the process,” the club concluded.

The Danish players gathered as a visual barrier around Christian Eriksen as the nursing staff revived him on Parken’s grass.

Eriksen the continuation of a player’s career is at this point a perfect question mark.

He was fitted with a pacemaker soon after the dramatic events, which prevents him from playing in Italy unlike in some other countries.

Whether the Eriksen pacemaker can possibly ever be removed is only known after thorough testing. News agency AFP said on Wednesday that Eris will not be playing for at least six months under any circumstances.

An Englishman who condemned the European Championship match between Denmark and Finland Anthony Taylor said in an interview with the British broadcaster BBC on Wednesday that he knew immediately that Eriksen ‘s situation was serious.

“Christian was alone. The only thing near him was a bouncing ball that hit his knee. I looked straight at him as he fell, ”Taylor said.

“I saw his face. I knew immediately from both that and his fall that something was wrong. ”

English referee Anthony Taylor discussed the situation with both teams after the situation. The closest in the picture to Taylor are the Danish and Finnish head coaches Kasper Hjulmand and Markku Kanerva and the Captain Tim Sparv.

Taylor paused the game quickly after realizing what had happened. He referred to the scene as a nursing staff, but did not want to lift himself on a pedestal.

“The real heroes that night were the Danish captain [Simon Kjær] as well as the doctors who revived him, ”Taylor said.

The match between Denmark and Finland was suspended for almost two hours. In the end, the fight continued and the Owls won it 1-0 Joel Pohjanpalon pushing with paint. Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel strongly criticizes the decision in retrospect.

“The most important thing was that Christian was okay and got the help he needed. Then we had to make sure the players on both teams were okay, and I had to do the same for my refereeing team, ”Taylor said.

It was decided to suspend the game until information about Eriksen’s fate reached the parties to the match. Before that, no decision could be made about the continuation of the match, according to Taylor. He got to talk to his wife hours after the match.

Taylor has not spoken to Eriksen about the case since.

“I sent him a message a few days after that. I spoke to Kasper Schmeichel before we left the stadium. The Danish players had chatted with Christian via video call. Kasper came to me and we had a short discussion about how Christian can. ”

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