Football Chelsea withdrew his claim – wanted to play in private when he can’t get his own supporters

The English Football Association said it had a constructive discussion with Chelsea ahead of the England Cup semi-finals.

Football club Chelsea withdrew their demand to play Saturday’s England Cup semi-final against Middlesbrough in camera on Tuesday night.

Middlesbrough FC, who plays in the Championship said by publishing a bulletin in the English Football Association (FA) on its website.

Chelsea had insisted on playing the cup match without the crowd because the club’s fans are not allowed to buy tickets from the away fan ticket quota due to sanctions.

The FA said it had a constructive discussion with Chelsea regarding the requirements of the Premier League club. After that, Chelsea had waived its claim.

Middlesbrough had time earlier on Tuesday publish on its website a bulletin in which the club said it considered Chelsea’s proposal strange and worthless.

“All parties involved are well aware of the reasons why Chelsea has been penalized. This has nothing to do with Middlesbrough, ”Middlesbrough stressed.

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Chelsean owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. According to documents published by the British government, Abramovich has had close relations with the President of Russia for decades. Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich has tried to sell the club, but his property and wealth have been frozen in Britain. Chelsea is allowed to continue operating, but there have been restrictions.

For example, Chelsea is not allowed to sell admission tickets or supporter products such as jerseys, but season card holders can attend matches. The club cannot buy or sell players.

“Given the reasons for these sanctions, Chelsea’s attempt to appeal to sporting honesty is extremely ironic,” Middlesbrough said, referring to the sanctions imposed on Abramovich following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a press release published on the Middlesbrough website, the FA said it would continue discussions with Chelsea, the Premier League and the British government to find a solution that would allow supporters access to the games and ensure compliance with sanctions.

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