Football Chelsea goalkeeper Édouard Mendy caught in corona infection – African Championship opening match in jeopardy

Mendy, Kalidou Koulibaly and Famara Diédhiou will be disregarded if the additional tests are not negative.

Football Chelsea’s number one goalkeeper in the English Premier League Edouard Mendy has been infected with the coronavirus, AFP news agency reported on Sunday.

Mendy, 29, is currently on the Senegal national team for the African Championships in Cameroon.

In addition to Mendy, Senegalese players have been infected with the Central Defender of Naples and the team captain Kalidou Koulibaly and an attacker from Alanyaspor Famara Diédhiou.

According to the Senegalese Football Association, corona infections were detected in Saturday’s tests. Senegal will play their opening match on Monday against Zimbabwe without Mendy, Koulibaly and Diédhiio, provided the trio’s additional tests are not negative.

The coronavirus haunted the Senegalese national team even before the tournament trip. The team did not travel to Cameroon instead of Tuesday until Wednesday, when three players and six backgrounds were diagnosed with corona infection.

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Mendy and his countryman, Liverpool winger Sadio Mané flew from Britain to their home capital, Dakar, on the same charter flight on Monday.

Mixed Mendy that Mané posted photos from the flight on their Instagram accounts. The duo posed in a close mood on the flight just a day after Mendy had criticized Mané’s actions in the Chelsea-Liverpool match.

“Sadio is my brother and my compatriot, but he shouldn’t have stayed on the field after the first minute,” Mendy said Sunday RMC Sportin by.

Mané would chuckle at Chelsea with his elbow César Azpilicuetan face in a ball-aiming situation but survived with a warning.

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