Football Chased by giant clubs, Erling Braut Haaland finishes the goals with an incomprehensible pace

The Norwegian star has started his season in the Bundesliga sharply. Dortmund also expects a lot of goals from him in the Champions League.

German In the Bundesliga, 47 matches and 45 goals. In the Champions League before this through 16 matches and 20 goals. 15 matches and 12 goals on the Norwegian men’s national football team.

Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker Erling Braut Haalandin, 21, the statistics are muted. Nevertheless, Haaland is often only the second most acclaimed striker in the Bundesliga. The reason is that perhaps the most feared goal cannon of the moment, Bayern Munich, is playing in the series Robert Lewandowski.

Dortmund is a big club, but Bayern is a giant. In both Germany and the Champions League, Bayern is generally expected to be more successful than Dortmund.

Could you this season will change the traditional power situation?

Dortmund has started its season with three wins and one loss. It is third in the standings behind Wolfsburg and Bayern. What is worrying for Dortmund is that the team has scored as many as nine goals in four matches.

At the same time, Haaland has continued his paint factory, having already made five league hits. Polish star Lewandowski has scored more goals.

In the Champions League, Dortmund plays in the same starting block with Ajax, Besiktas and Sporting. The Dortmund group should have a good chance of a place to continue.

Haaland rose to the attention of the larger football audience in the spring of 2019 when he scored an incomprehensibly nine goals for the Honduran net at the Under-20 World Cup.

The goal nets also started to dust the club team in Salzburg. The Austrian main series gets quite a bit of international attention, so it took the Champions League for Haaland to become a big star.

He scored eight goals for Salzburg in his six Champions League games. After that, the question was which grand club Haaland would move to. In January last year, Haaland joined Dortmund and has continued his paint factory.

At the same time, he has risen to Lewandowski, Lionel Messin and Cristiano Ronaldon in addition to being the most feared paint gun.

Haaland is also a key part of Norway’s youthful national team. Haaland and Martin Ödegaardin starred by Norway has made a new rise towards the European football champions and has played well in the current World Cup qualifiers.

Haaland has been reported to be followed by Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United and PSG, among others.

It is likely that the Norwegian star will not play in Dortmund for the entire contract period. His current contract expires in the summer of 2024.

Dortmund management has stated that the club sells Haaland only in the face of coercion. According to press reports, the Norwegian’s agreement includes a buy-out clause of EUR 75 million, which will enter into force next year.

“Our position is clear and I don’t have to present a parrot all the time,” Dortmund’s sports director Michael Zorc commented on wild transfer rumors, according to AFP.

As a player, Haaland is not a tough trickster, and he also has flaws in his play. He is big, strong, athletic and fast. The finish is sharp and effective.

Haaland was selected as the best striker in the Champions League last season.

“Already at that age, he is one of the best attackers in the world right now. He will be able to finish with both feet, from counter-attacks and from inside the penalty area, ”Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola praised Haalandia Uefa’s website.

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