Football Browne’s goal liberated HJK’s game

The champion favorite had to make a sweaty evening talk with the open-minded Haka.

Haka – HJK 1–2

Unprejudiced who started Haka kept the big favorite HJK cramped for the first episode, but after that the pace changed.

Last season’s double champion added gas after the break, rolled out irresistibly at the start of the second period and took a full league score of 2-1 (0-0) thanks to a moment of power.

The club game was released from the opening hit. David Browne neatly controlled the ball after a short corner, and knocked it on to David Browne who had the whole net open before him, but only managed to hit the post.

When the Exchanger Luis Henrique immersed the club in the second goal point after, the game looked applauded.

However, Haka, who won his previous two matches, showed his danger. The hard company was rewarded Ishmael Yarteyn with a narrowing hit. The hosts still created pressure even after that, but the award did not come.

Strong the Club, which has assembled the crew, has started the season successfully just as strongly as expected. The first seven league battles have brought six wins and one draw.

On Thursday, nothing rushed for free. In the hot Factory field, a sweaty evening cleaning was required for a full points pot.

Hakan is a 20-year-old goalkeeper Aatu Hakala received his league baptism in the toughest possible place. Tikkurila’s Palloseuran bred was commanded between the poles as the hosts’ mainstay Mika Hilander had to leave the field due to a minor injury.

Hakala showed his cold-headedness immediately in the opening period by fighting Roope Riskin underground and plunging in a timely manner Lucas Lingmanin throughput. Two Club players greedily crashed after the ball.

The firm grips continued in the second period. Hakala is useless for neither Club hit.

Club keeper Hugo Keto can thank the Chief Judge Mattias Gestranius benevolence. Keto only got a yellow card after rushing the Haka tip rushing from the edge Andrija Bosnjakin to the feet. It would not have been an injustice to get out either.

Toni Koskela made four changes to the Club lineup compared to the previous match. Janne Saksela, Jair, Roope Risk and Dylan Murnane now reached the opening.

The club played without its captain Daniel O’Shaughnessya, who was the only player in the Finnish league to join the Finnish European Championships.

The club has been an insurmountable obstacle for Haka for a long time. Last season, the Helsinki team took the mutual league matches 3–1 and 4–1 and the Finnish Cup semi-final 3–2.

The pride of Valkeakoski last overthrew HJK in the league almost 13 years ago.



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