Football Britain vehemently opposed the new Super League – Gary Neville described plans to be nauseous, even Boris Johnson commented: “Very harmful to football”

The clubs planning the European Super League include the so-called “six big ones” from England.

On Sunday night the plans announced for the European Football Super League have been well received in Britain, as expected.

English Premier League immediately issued a judgment condemning the matter, and the Premier League and the English Football Association were both involved In Uefa’s petition.

“We remain united in our efforts to halt this cynical project, built on the self-interests of a few clubs at a time when society needs unity more than ever,” the petition said.

Even the Prime Minister took a stand during the evening Boris Johnson.

Johnson tweeted that plans for the Super League are very damaging to football. Johnson wrote that the government supports retaliation by football authorities.

“This would hit the heart of the national game, and touch fans all over the country.”

“The clubs involved must respond to their supporters and the wider football community before taking it a step further.”

From Britain the plans include England’s so-called “big six”, namely Arsenal, Chelsea Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Current football expert on Sky Sports, one of Manchester United’s player legends Gary Neville said the news was nauseating him.

“The actions of Manchester United and Liverpool make me sick the most. Liverpool presents You’ll Never Walk Alone with the song of people and supporters. Manchester United’s 100-year history began here, founded by workers, ”Neville frothed on Sky Sports’s broadcast.

“And now they’re escaping into a series where there’s no competition they can’t fall from? It’s completely shameful. “

“It’s pure greed. They are just pretenders. ”

Neville immediately demanded heavy sanctions in the form of point losses and fines for the six clubs involved.

On the same wavelength as Neville was also his regular controversy and colleague, a former Liverpool topper Jamie Carragher.

“What a disgrace we have become. Think of all the people before us in this company who would be equally ashamed, ”Carragher wrote on Twitter.

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