Football Billions of Russian oligarchs became poison in Britain – Russian holdings also apply to Finnish players: “I don’t want to comment on that”

The Premier League club Everton resigned from the money of the Russian sponsor. France is now asking whether a Russian billionaire could be subject to sanctions. Finns also play in clubs with a Russian owner.

Of the Russians billionaire ownership has become a toxic problem for top European football clubs. Clubs are threatened by sanctions imposed by the West, which can prevent owners from funding clubs and also prevent them from being sold.

It is this kind of threat that is the reason why the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has decided to sell its Premier League club Chelsea.

According to The Guardian, Abramovits would hardly be able to sell or finance Chelsea if he were subject to sanctions. Therefore, it is in Chelsea’s interest to sell the club now.

Member of the British Parliament, Labor Representative Chris Bryantin according to the country’s Interior Ministry estimates in 2019 that Abramovich has links to practices related to the Russian state and corruption. Last week, Bryant said in the House of Commons that Britain should confiscate Abramovits ’holdings and prevent him from owning Chelsea.

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In his speech, Bryant referred to the Home Office report.

Bryant has repeated demands sanctions, but suspects the State Department is afraid of lawsuits.

“I think our government is afraid of lawyers. The State Department thinks those who have been sanctioned will fight the sanctions in court, ”Bryant said, according to The Guardian.

Abramovich is by no means the only Russian or Russian-backed billionaire in top clubs in Britain and Europe.

Premier League club Everton has terminated all its cooperation agreementswhich are linked to the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

USM Holdings, a company owned by Usmanov, signed a five-year sponsorship agreement for the Everton Training Center in 2017 and bought the rights to the club’s new stadium for € 36 million.

Usmanov is the majority owner of MegaFon and Yota, which have sponsored Everton’s women’s team.

“Company [Everton] can confirm that it has immediately terminated all its commercial sponsorship arrangements with Russian USM, MegaFon and Yota, ”Everton said.

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Usmanov first hit the European Union’s sanctions list, and on Thursday night he was also subject to sanctions by the British government.

Usmanov’s holdings in Britain are frozen and transactions with British citizens and companies are blocked.

“Alisher Usmanov is an oligarch supporting the Kremlin with particularly close ties to the Russian president Vladimir Putin”Says the Council of Europe.

Everton is building a new € 600 million stadium in Liverpool. According to the club, the sanctions on Usmanov will not affect the construction of the stadium. There are funded by the main owner of the club Farhad Moshiri.

Why Britain has not yet punished all the oligarchs in the country?

Foreign minister Liz Truss said in late February that the British government had a “list of oligarchs and members of the Duma,” but sanctions must be legally waterproof.

In France, the Russian owner of AS Monaco has been closely monitored Dmitry Rybovlevista a problem for the club.

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France24 site according to Rybovlev has tried to distance himself from the Russian leadership, but he is nonetheless among the oligarchs who may still be subject to U.S. sanctions.

Of the Russians billionaires’ holdings also apply to Finnish players. Mikael Soisalo and Onni Valakari play in Russian-owned clubs. Russian FC Sergei Lomakin.

The Latvian media reported in the second yearthat Lomak would have been blacklisted by the Latvian Ministry of the Interior. CEO of Riga FC Alexander Pronin however, it stated that the claim was not true.

HS asked Mikael Soisalo what he thinks about playing in a Russian-owned club.

“We have one leader in the company, Aleksandrs Pronins from Latvia. As a player, I don’t know who has invested in the club. I don’t want to comment on that, ”Soisalo said.

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