Football Barcelona’s special jersey stole the fans’ attention: the front was missing the club’s logo and the sponsor was not visible

There was something wrong with Ferran Torres’ legendary purple shirt.

FC Barcelona January top purchase Ferran Torres was the most talked about name in Thursday’s Europa League round.

Torres scored his only goal in a 1-1 draw against Naples. He got past the defenders and fired a shot that the keeper just missed. 0 – 1 for the visitors.

However, the Spanish striker then wasted several great goal scores, so his overall score eventually turned quite frosty.

However, perhaps even weaker papers for the evening’s performance were received by the Barcelona jersey manufacturer. Fans of the team noticed during the game that there was something wrong with the legendary purple shirt.

Torresin the club’s logo was completely missing from the shirt front. The logo of the sponsoring company Nike did not appear anywhere either.

Torres didn’t seem to notice it at all, nor did his teammates pay attention to the lack of logos.

After the game, the coach of Barcelona Xavi Torres, a prodigal son, commented on the evening, which got a very ironic aftertaste with the jersey test.

“Barca’s shirt weighs a couple of pounds more on him,” he said, referring to the hard pressure the attacker was experiencing.

In fact, the shirt was probably lighter than many others.

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