Football At the end, HJK rolled over deputy HIFK in the second Stadin derby of the season and increased the series lead

Substitutes David Browne and Tim Väyrynen turned the match for the Club.

HJK – HIFK 3-0 (0-0)

Football At the top of the Veikkausliiga, HJK managed to take advantage of its opportunity to rise to the top of the league. The club grabbed three points at the tip of the neck when second-class KuPS lost their home game against Honka.

Derby has often been a fiery and eventful match over the last six years, but sometimes even those matches become a kind of anticlimax. The second Derby of the season went largely into the latter weak caste.

It seemed as if HJK ​​remembered all too well the dangerous counter-attacks of Derby and IFK, which had ended in a 3-4 loss. HJK’s caution was weighed down by the league situation when it came to maintaining the league’s top position.

HJK only managed to break IFK’s defensive wall in the final quarter of the match when David Brownen and Tim Väyrysen the entrances turned the match into the home team.

HIFK’s the defense had suffered badly in the previous match as part of the team’s load-bearing forces Sakari Mattila, Hannu Patronen, Joel Mero and Adama Fofana had full their warning accounts and were banned from playing in the Stad derby. That meant HIFK left the Stad derby with a deputy defense. HJK should have gotten to test it, but in the opening period, HIFK defended their goal well.

Mixed worker at HIFK Jani Bäckman filled the defender’s plot well as he so viciously knocked and knocked down the Club players. At the end of the opening period, HJK’s midfielder Rasmus Schüller already showed small signs of frustration when Bäckman broke him.

A free kick just outside of the visitors’ penalty area after two minutes could have resulted in another goal, but HJK got a hand out and tipped the ball over the bar. Free kick topper Miro Tenho pushed the ball to the goal, but at the same time Ferhan Hasani charges in the penalty area completely in vain HIFK player, and the foul whistled and the goal was dismissed.

Just before the break Roope Risk was a hit Nikolai Alhon from the center of the back post, but slipped a little past the ball.

HIFK defended their penalty area in a tight 5-4-1 format, and it was not easy for the Club to find gaps in the Reds ’defense. However, HJK did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out.

At the beginning of the match, HIFK appeared to have already taken this victory to the bank. IFK tried to focus their attacks down the middle. HJK goalkeeper Antonio Reguero did not have to fight once in the opening period, HJK fired five times.

There are warnings about HIFK’s rude style of play. Vitinho and Moshtagh Yaghoubi took warnings at the beginning of the second episode.

Exchanger Tim Väyrynen entered the game for fc as the match clock showed 72 minutes Atomu Tanakan replaced and only had just over a minute on the field before scoring an opening goal. Browne shoots and hits the target, but the keeper saves it Arnold Origi spit the ball and it bounced from Väyrynen to the top, but Väyrynen pushed the return ball to the goal.

Six minutes later, the same Club duo paved the second goal. Crossing pass from the left flank by Browne and Väyrynen places it beautifully past the keeper, Bäckman. Ferhan Hasani hit that from around 35 yards out and HJK and couldn’t do anything about, dipping and swerving, it did him all ends up.

Six minutes before the end, Roope Riski finished HJK’s third goal with a shot that bounced from the IFK defender into the goal. Risk leads the league’s goal exchange with fourteen goals.

Playing with torches in the stands went to extremes when HIFK’s goalkeeper was covered in smoke at the beginning of the match and at the quarter. Just before the initial whistle, several torches and smoke lit at the end of the HIFK, staining the field level red for a moment. The other end was a moment after the blue smoke. Fines are once again promised.


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