Football At Barcelona’s Camp Nou, there was no time: the huge Lionel Mess poster was torn off

After the transfer of Lionel Mess was confirmed, the poster on the side of the stadium was removed.

For years FC Barcelona as the biggest star player excelled Lionel Messi was also prominently displayed at Camp Nou Stadium. This is no longer the case.

When Tuesday began to make sure that Messi will indeed move to Paris Saint-Germain, the crane curled up next to the stadium and the workers were lashed high with a huge poster of FC Barcelona star players.

The poster was torn piece by piece and gray tiles remained. The image of Mess was torn first.

Other images of Mess were also hidden on Tuesday.

Mess flew to Paris on Tuesday to sign an agreement with PSG. Mess’s father and manager Jorge Messi confirmed at a Barcelona airport on Tuesday, according to Reuters news agency, that an agreement has indeed been reached.

According to media estimates, Messi will enter into a two-year contract with an annual salary of approximately EUR 35 million. In addition, Messi is likely to receive a signing fee of twenty million euros. The agreement may have an option for the third year.

Correction 10.8.2021 at 16.03: There was a large poster on the stadium wall, not a mural as mentioned earlier in the story.

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