Football As captain of HJK, Miro Tenho carried the guest victory: “We didn’t have a terrible place”

HJK, the leader of the Veikkausliiga, was tight as a guest of IFK Mariehamn.

IFK Mariehamn – HJK 0–1

Although The exceptional European Championship has also taken over Finland, with the domestic football leagues continuing their games at the same time. On Monday, the Helsinki Football Club had a guest game trip to Åland in the Veikkausliiga.

HJK, the leader of the series, arrived as a guest of IFK Mariehamn as a clear pre-favorite. HJK managed to stretch their opponent’s losing streak to five, but the away victory did not come to Helsinki as easily as might be expected.

“We didn’t have terribly places, but luckily that one was made and kept at zero on its own,” HJK topper, who rose to a major role in the match Miro Tenho admitted after the match in an interview with Ruudu.

Home team humbled himself in his position as an underdog. By defending from low, it managed to keep HJK at zero throughout the first half.

At about an hour, IFK had a top-notch opportunity to move into the lead and thus one step closer to direct sensation. Niilo on Mäenpää almost scored after a counterattack 31 minutes into the match, but Miro Tenho took a shot from the left that landed harmlessly in the side of the net.

Tenho, who was wearing the HJK captain’s ribbon, also became the character of the match with his attacking performances. In the 67th minute he cut the home team’s lazy pass and immediately released with a breaking vertical pass Roope Riskin goal scoring.

“The break felt even better than the goal pass,” Tenho said after the game.

Risk the goal ended up being the only one of the match. At the same time, it meant that IFK Mariehamn, who had fallen to the tail end of the series, was left undefeated for the fifth consecutive match.

“If something positive needs to be sought, then I think we’ve raised our level in these last three to four games,” said IFK defender Mikko Sumusalo after the match.

“Every dude fought to the end. We managed to create some goals against the number one gang in Finland and we defended really well today, but against such a team one mistake will decide, because they will strike right away if they give space. ”

Tenho’s top performances could not come at a better time for HJK, as the team will play in the following weeks without another standard top in the Opening Lineup Daniel O’Shaughnessya.

O’Shaughnessy’s performance against Denmark at the European Championships against Denmark was chosen as the eighth best performance of the opening weekend of the Games on the Whoscored website.

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On Monday There were also two other matches played in the Veikkausliiga, all of which saw only one goal.

In Kuopio Axel Vidjeskog scored the first goal of his career with a handsome long shot. With Vidjeskog’s goal, KuPS took an important victory over FC Inter and narrowed the gap between the teams to five points.

In Seinäjoki, the lowest goal team in the series, SJK, knocked down visitor Ilves. The Colombian stop was the only one in the match Cristhian Valencia.



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