Football Algeria stretched its tube of losing games to an African record

Algeria have now played 27 matches without losses.

Africa reigning football champion Algeria broke the continent’s record in loss-free A-matches on Friday, AFP news agency reported on Saturday.

Baghdad Bounedjah and the captain Riyad Mahrez scored for Algeria when the country knocked out a score of 2-0 for Tunisian guests and stretched the line of losing matches to 27.

The previous record country was Ivory Coast, which was won by the golden generation Yaya and Kolo Tourén mixed Didier Drogban led 26 consecutive national matches.

Algeria last lost on October 16, 2018, when Benin won 1-0 at home. The ongoing lossless series began on November 18, 2018 in Togo, when Algeria won 4-1.

During the pipe, Algeria has won 20 or 21 games, depending on the calculation method, so there are six or seven draws.

AFP recorded the African Championship match against Côte d’Ivoire as a 1-1 draw, even though the tournament’s semi-final ended in a 4–3 victory in Algeria in July 2019 after a penalty shootout.

When that match is counted as a win, Algeria has 21 wins and six draws since its previous defeat.

According to AFP, the record for consecutive lossless A-country matches is in Brazil’s possession. Its lossless tube stretched in 1996 to as many as 36 matches.



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