Football Åland United wins the women’s Finnish Cup again – the victory of the best player is overshadowed by his father’s death: “He will probably follow from somewhere else”

Saturday’s final was decided only in the penalty shootout.

16.10. 16:11 | Updated 16.10. 18:56

Åland United defeated PK-35 in the Vantaa penalty shootout. The first place in the cup is the second in a row for the Åland club.

Åland United won the women’s Finnish Cup final PK-35 after the thrill play in Vantaa, as the match was only decided in the penalty shootout. The teams advanced 1-1 in the penalty shootout, with Åland United outperforming 4-2.

One of the successors of the Ålanders was the attacker Dana Leskinen, who was the first leader of his team.

However, the victory celebrations of Leskinen, who was chosen as the best player in the final played at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, are overshadowed by his father’s death in the summer. Leskinen spoke openly after the Cup final.

“I will stay home in Espoo now, because there will be a lot of different things next week. There is a drop in my father’s urn. I wonder if this area will calm down little by little. It would have been nice if Dad had been watching, but he will probably follow from somewhere else then, ”Leskinen said after the victory was settled.

Widowed, 20, says the season was heavy. The award plate for the best player in the final was handed to him by the head coach of the women’s national team Anna Signeul.

“It’s been a long season, and honestly, it feels like I’ve been all over the last three months. It’s touching that people, and especially the national team coach, are thinking that I played so well that I deserved such a plate, ”Leskinen said.

Åland United placed third in the main league, the National League.

“The gold in the cup around the neck feels good. In the penalty shootout, I wanted to pull first. We also wanted gold in the league, but it still became a medal there, ”Leskinen summed up.

Åland For United, the Cup championship is the second in a row.

PK-35 Vantaa took the lead in the 41st minute Pink Bröijerin guided the ball directly from the feed in style. Åland United entered the game for fc as the match clock showed 52 minutes Pille Raadik bounced the ball in a corner kick from a difficult position to the goal.

In an even match, PK-35 Vantaa kept a lot of the ball and spun the game with short passes. Åland United, who played fairly straightforwardly, was dangerous in his counterattacks and special situations.

“They both weighed in, and it could have happened here anyway. It became a good thriller, ”Leskinen said.

PK-35 Vantaa head coach Jari Väisänen was naturally disappointed in the defeat, but the team’s game performance pleased him. The Vantaa group placed fifth in the National League.

“The players today accomplished the things we’ve been looking for all season. Next year, this team is sure to have a chance to fight for league medals. When we get certain childhood diseases out, this team is good, ”Väisänen believed.

The Vantaa residents failed in the penalty shootout Oona Sevenius and Anna Olmala. The final gathered 506 spectators for the Olympic Stadium.


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