Football A taste of winter football was reached in Madrid: Atlético Madrid grew its series lead in a seven-degree frost

Atlético Madrid head coach Diego Simeone said the weather doesn’t matter when football is played.

Football The Spanish league match between Atlético Madrid and Seville was played on Tuesday night in quite exceptional circumstances. There has been snow chaos in Madrid for several days now, but in addition to that, during the match, the temperature was seven guns on the frost side.

The match ended in a 2-0 victory for Atlético.

Back in the weekend, Atlético’s home game against Athletic Bilbao was canceled due to snowy conditions.

Sevillan Fernando said Tuesday after the match that playing in the cold made the match difficult for them. Coach of Atléticon Diego Simeone instead knocked this out.

“When a match starts, it’s purely football. There is no sun, wind, rain or snow, ”Simeone said.

“When the ball moves, it’s football. When you play football, forget everything. When the ball moves, it is complete happiness. ”

Atlético now took its fifth consecutive victory in La Liga and increased its lead to second-placed Real Madrid by four points. In addition, Atlético has played two less matches.

The field was clear of snow, but large cinemas were found on the edges.­


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