Football A mass exodus began in the Football Super League: in addition to the English teams, at least Milan Inter is withdrawing, “we apologize”

Football The European Super League (ESL) began a mass exodus late after thousands of protesters protested in front of Chelsea’s home stadium, Stamford Bridge, to protest the club’s participation in the 12 major clubs ’closed Euroleague.

Manchester City, which had originally been sluggish about the ESL, had time to announce its first withdrawal on Tuesday night. Chelsea had previously told of their desire to retreat and also did so after midnight.

Between the announcements by City and Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham announced their own withdrawals.

La Gazetta Dello Sportin according to Milan Inter has also withdrawn.

“The Super League plan is no longer part of Inter’s plans,” Inter says, according to La Gazetta.

According to Gazetta, the Spanish clubs Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona are skeptical. The Guardian according to AC Milan is also considering a withdrawal.

The strongest in his withdrawal, Arsenal appealed to his own supporters, apologizing to his fans.

“You [kannattajia] and after listening to the football community, we retire from the Super League. We made a mistake and apologize for it, ”the Arsenal board said in a statement.

Chairman of Tottenham Daniel Levy also appealed to supporters in a Tottenham press release.

“We apologize for the anxiety and shock caused by the ESL proposal. We felt it was important for our club to be involved in the development of a possible new structure to better ensure financial fairness and financial sustainability, while providing significantly increased support for the wider football pyramid. ”

The 12 major European clubs announced the formation of a new super league the night before Monday. Now there would be more Juventus, Real Madrid and possibly AC Milan, Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona.

When the withdrawal of the English teams was confirmed ESL stated that the project needs to be “reformulated” but would not be abandoned.

“In the current circumstances, we are considering the most appropriate steps to redesign the project. Our goal is to provide fans with the best possible experience and at the same time increase solidarity fees for the entire football community, ”ESL said in a press release.

The rapid withdrawal of several teams is due not only to strong reaction from supporters, but also strong opposition from the European Football Association (UEFA) and the British government’s threat to change legislation so that the new league could be blocked in Britain.

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