Food waste Many people take more food at a hotel buffet breakfast than they can eat, and a huge amount of food ends up in the trash – “Can anyone appeal to ignorance anymore?”

Hotel buffets make holidaymakers eat more than their stomach can hold. Thousands of kilos of food end up in the rubbish of Finnish hotels every year.

Watermelon, stewed porridge and Karelian pies now at least. Warm bun, beak spread, lettuce, peppers, slice of cheese and cold cuts. Yogurt, berries and muesli.

A slice of bacon, a slice of cucumber and a piece of fruit left on a plate exacerbates a global problem: food waste.

Still a little fish and boiled egg. Would you mind that bacon slice? Come on, here we are on vacation! Another glass of juice and a cup of coffee. And the dessert table seemed to have wonderful delicacies …



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