Food These vegan foods are easy-going everyday saviors and always succeed

These dishes are easy to make and always succeed. They make everyday life a little better.

These three vegan recipes are my own everyday favorite foods. The dishes are easy to prepare – and experience shows that they taste good for everyone, regardless of diet. These foods make everyday life a little better.

Try a tomato-cashew nut paste, the secret of which is the sauce made from cashew nuts and fresh cherry tomatoes.

Indian palak paneer is traditionally made from cottage cheese as well as fresh spinach, but a more mundane vegan version is created from a tofu-like oatmeal and frozen spinach.

Palak paneer is quick to prepare and is really delicious!

The vegan version of the Indian palak paneer will be completed quickly.­

This the lasagne is seasoned with ready-made pesto and glazed with a delicious vegan cheese icing.

Eggplants make lasagna particularly succulent, but if you want a little straightening, you can replace the eggplants with sliced ​​zucchini, which can be placed between the lasagna raw. The most succulent lasagne comes in a pan that can hold three lasagna plates side by side.

I prefer to finish the lasagne as early as Sunday, when there is enough to enjoy for the next week.

Aubergine slices make lasagna especially succulent.­


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