Food The three-Michelin-starred restaurant in New York changes its menu to herbal, but the owner doesn’t want to call it vegan because of negative perceptions

According to the owner of Eleven Madison Park, the world has changed and current food production is not sustainable.

Stateside New York-based fine dining restaurant Eleven Madison Park announced Monday it will move to serving vegan food.

The restaurant is considered one of the best in the country. It has received three Michelin stars, the highest number a restaurant can receive Michelin stars. It tells about this, among other things The New York Times.

Eleven Madison Park has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic since March last year, but the doors will open again in June.

Owner and chef Daniel Humm write on the restaurant’s website that the break made the restaurant think that the world has changed.

“We have always tried to act in a way that takes into account the impact on our environment, but it has become increasingly clear that current food production is simply not sustainable, in so many different ways.”

The restaurant’s multi-course menu costs $ 335, or about $ 280. For each dinner, the restaurant donates five meals to the food collection.

Preparing vegan food reduces the restaurant’s raw material costs, but increases labor costs, as Hummi says making vegan food requires more time and pairs of hands.

Restaurant critic Ruth Reichlin according to Eleven Madison Park’s decision could have an impact on U.S. restaurant food in the years to come.

“A restaurant like Eleven Madison Park is basically an educational institution,” Reichl says.

A London-based restaurant critic for The Observer Jay Rayner comments that the change is welcome, but the Michelin-starred restaurant has limited scope for influence.

“After all, you make food for rich people, and their commitment to such things can be questioned.”

In food products of animal origin such as meat, fish and seafood will no longer be used. However, the restaurant still plans to offer milk and honey with coffee and tea.

Humm also wouldn’t like to use the term vegan because it involves negative perceptions in his opinion. Humm himself calls the food herbal.

“Eleven Madison Park is meant to surprise people. We don’t want to lecture to them, ”Humm told the New York Times.

Eleven Madison Park isn’t the only restaurant that has given up animal-derived ingredients in recent years. Reception has not always been favorable, and Humm also says the restaurant’s website has given much thought to whether the change is too big a risk.

In addition to restaurants, some recipe sites have recently outlined that they will no longer publish new recipes for meat dishes.

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