Food The hot summer caused a shortage of ice cream, and production does not keep pace with demand: “This has never been the case before”

Finns ‘craving for ice cream exceeded producers’ expectations. There has been a shortage, especially in the availability of soft ice cream.

Hot the weather, the summer holiday of the holiday people and the easing of corona restrictions have caused a shortage of ice cream. High demand has affected the availability of soft ice cream in particular. Economic life said last Thursday, soft ice cream ran out, for example at the Café Kasinonranta in Helsinki.

The Softis soft ice cream made by Ingman has at times been completely out of stock, Ingman’s ice cream marketing manager Lotta Blomster says.

“During the summer, we have had availability challenges for Softis. The product has been out of stock at times or we have been able to deliver it to our customers on a limited basis, ”Blomster writes in an email.

Soft ice cream produced in Finland by Ingman, Fazer and Froneri, which owns the official Pehmis brand. Sales Director of Froneri Finland Pekka Helinin According to Pehmis, sales have been boosted by the heat, the holiday season and the easing of interest rate restrictions.

“The demand for plush toys has multiplied and production has not kept pace with it. The product is still delivered weekly, “Helin says.

Froneri does not make the pulp itself, but handles the delivery of the product to the kiosks. In June, Froneri decided to suspend production of caramel seasonal flavors in order to focus on classic flavors, i.e. vanilla and chocolate.

Helin believes that demand will subside while the heat will ease its grip, children return to school and adults return to work. Typically, ice cream sales level off in mid-August.

Demand has kept Froner ‘s Tureng ice cream factory in a hurry. Factory manager Tuukka Kaukoranta says production has grown by as much as 15 percent since last year.

Enhanced production has also required additional hands for the factory. Kaukoranta says that a dozen new summer workers have been sought for the packaging line with one week’s notice. Six of them started work as early as Monday.

“There has never been such a situation before. Typically, summer workers begin to be reduced in July. Due to high demand, we have not been able to reduce production capacity, “Kaukoranta says.

Kaukorannan however, it is typical that in warm weather, ice cream consumes faster than it is produced. Therefore, the factory produces ice cream in advance for storage for the summer. This summer, inventory was higher than last year.

“Now is the time again when stocks are depleted and sales are pulling production harder. During the summer, sales interruptions can occur when the ingredients used to make ice cream go straight from hand to mouth. ”

Recently, there was a shortage of certain flavorings at the Tureng factory, as they were prevented from being transported due to the floods in Germany. However, according to Kaukoranta, this was not reflected in the availability of products.

Turengin the factory produces, among other things, traditional Penguin tutes, Aino ice cream and Classic sticks. This year, the most popular ice creams to buy at home have been Penguin-branded liter vanilla ice cream packs, Trio stick ice creams and Aino chocolate ice cream packs.

The most popular ice creams sold in single portions have been Classic cream tea sticks, Penguin party and queen infestation, and mint-flavored Puffet.

Warm weather has increased the popularity of individual tassels and sticks in particular.

“In the heat, Classic needles and Penguin tassels are increasing their sales considerably. Now the demand for single doses has literally exploded. Home packs, on the other hand, are popular all year round. ”



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