Food Excursions can be much more than a barbecue sausage – Try these gourmet recipes by the campfire

Japanese plank salmon, a wonderful nectarine crumb fry and spicy noodle dumplings are pre-prepared at home and finished on the fire.

Tikun the campfire sausage frying in the beak is a good picnic treat. But you can also make more nutritious fins at the campfire site. It is essential to prepare the food at home in a cooler bag, leaving only the food to be cooked on the campfire.

Japanese-minded the plank salmon tastes like a tasty teriyakimarinade made from ginger paste and sesame seed oil. The salmon, cut into pieces, cooks in the blaze of fire much faster than a whole fillet, and remains juicy when poured a few times during cooking in the marinade.

Wet the warp salmon cooking bowl, or wooden plank, thoroughly before placing the salmon pieces on the plank and lifting the set close to the fire. You can flow the wooden pegs needed to attach the fish from a branch of fresh wood or buy them ready-made from the grill’s grocery department. Weaving pieces of salmon is also a little easier in the halster.

Here’s how to test a suitable cooking distance: if you can hold your hand between the fish and the flame for 10 to 15 seconds, the distance is appropriate.

Warp salmon is cooked in pieces this time.

Campfire Noodles are so good that it makes them mind to prepare without even an excursion. Then you can cook in the oven instead of by the fire.

The idea is to load the ripe noodles and other ingredients inside the foil and pour over the spices in the noodle bags mixed with the oil. This spice oil should be transported to the camping site in a sealed box separately so that it does not spill on the bottom of the backpack.

You can vary the dumplings with the vegetables of your choice, replace the ripe chicken with toful chips or oats and salami, even with sun-dried tomatoes or olives.

Rich and nutritious noodle dumplings cook by the campfire in the quarter.

Juicy the sweet nectarines fry an incredibly delicious dessert by the campfire.

Prepare the delicacy at home by slicing the nectarines into a box, mixing the ingredients of the crumb mixture into a sealable bag and whisking the yoghurt foam ingredients into a covered lid or food thermo. Assemble the baking dish in a foil pan over a campfire, and cook for a moment over an indirect fire.

Nectarines can be exchanged for apricots, peaches, fresh blueberries or garden berries. A foam mixed with sour sweet Turkish yogurt and whipped custard crowns the delicacy.

The crispy sweet nectarine fry tastes like a campfire with a gentle yoghurt foam.



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