Flight fire Finland ended the women’s volleyball European Championships handsomely: “That victory came to this tournament too”

Finland ranks in the top 20 in the European Championship finals.

Cluj-Napoca / Helsinki

Finland the women’s volleyball team finished their European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, after winning the host country 3-1 (18-25, 25-22, 25-22, 25-22).

The victory was Finland’s first and only of five starting block matches.

“After all, that victory came to this tournament as well. I’m really proud of the players today, even though the goal had already slipped out of my hands, so the pride didn’t let me play badly and I wanted to finish the last day of the summer with a profit,” Finland’s head coach Tapio Kangasniemi commented the Volleyball Association in the bulletin.

“The bitter lime of the sport is, of course, the fact that the necessary seats were provided in both the Swedish and Ukrainian games, but that’s the salt of this sport. Tough situations and emotions that you just can’t get to do in office work,” he continued.

The victory was the third in the history of the European Championships in Finland.

Finland played in the European Championships for the fourth time and for the second time in a row. Finland has never been able to advance from the group stage and will not survive in these competitions either.

Finland scored the same four points in the first block as two years ago. The European Championship ranking is the same, fifth place in the block and ranking 17-20 in the final tournament of 24 teams.

Finland’s final ranking will be confirmed when the block stages are completed on Wednesday.

Turkey, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ukraine are advancing from the Finnish block. The Finnish and Romanian tournaments end in the first block.

The match the beginning followed the same pattern as in the Finnish games until now. Finland got off to a good start and was perfectly involved in the fight for the first ten balls, but Finland was unable to maintain its level.

After turning the 5-6 loss position into a 9-6 lead, Romania took over the opening tranche.

In the middle of the second batch, Finland did not bend. Finland hit the three-point lead 14–11 and was not even embarrassed after Romania rose to 18–18.

Finland won the decisive rivet and the fourth installment of the tournament in Finland Piia Korhonen. The lot went to Finland 25–22.

The third installment was on the Finnish screen for a long time. Finland, which tore the eight-point lead at its best, made it to Romania’s 21-21 draw, but managed to settle for a 25-22 winning streak from its first winning ball.

In the fourth installment, Finland continued its good grip. None of the Finns could hit the floor with the match ball that won the European Championship victory when the Romanians hit the ball into the net of their own half of the field.

“We got more solution options for the attack and we made smarter solutions. Of course, we wanted to succeed better and we only started finding our game now. It was too late, ”Korhonen analyzed in a TV interview.

The previous one after the match and the fourth consecutive defeat, a passionate player who wanted a relaxed and joyful game against Romania and a victory in the European Championship tournament Kaisa Alanko got at least one of his wishes through.

“I’m really happy and proud of our team for how well we played today. We were brave in the offensive game today. We’ve worked hard and taken all sorts of things, we deserved a good result,” Alanko whispered in the Volleyball Association’s press release.

The best scorer of the Finnish team was Piia Korhonen (16 / + 12).

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The victory tasted good to the Finnish team.



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