Fitness | Fitness expert Eevi Seikkula controls her body and dares to eat delicacies too: “I have you with myself”

The Vantaa Fitness Classic competition gathers nearly 400 fitness athletes. Kari-Pekka Ourama, who brought the sport to Finland, sees more positives than negatives in fitness. “Fitness is a glamor sport in a certain way. When an athlete gets on stage, he wants to be in Hollywood.”

“In Eevi has a very bright future in the sport”, Kari-Pekka Ourama says behind the performance stage set up at Vantaa’s Energia-arena.

Ourama is the chairman of the Finnish Fitness Sports Association and a pioneer who brought the sport to Finland from the United States. He knows what he’s talking about.

Raumalainen on stage Eevi Seikkula bends amazingly flexibly into different positions. Sometimes only the chin, neck, chest and shoulders hit the floor. The back curves like a link knife.

The judges value Seikkula as the superior Finnish champion of the 20–23-year-old category in artistic fitness. In the EC qualifiers on Sunday, he will seek his second victory of the weekend in the adult series.

“If Eevi doesn’t win, then someone has to be really good. If I had to find a bet, I would say win”, Seikkula’s coach Johannes Leivo says.

Artistic fitness is a sub-discipline of Fitness, where competitions consist of two parts. First there is a choreographic and dance free program, and after the change of clothes, bikini fitness showing off the body.

Although the free program lasts only one and a half minutes, it is a tough and heavy performance that you cannot survive without good fitness. Artistic fitness is the lightest form of fitness in terms of physics, which does not require large muscle mass.

Between the two parts, Leivo rubs ointment on Seikkula’s members. Before the performance, the athlete’s body is dyed brown in the color spot set up behind the arena. However, Seikkula has dyed his body himself with his friends.

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“Tanning” is an important element. In strong and bright performance lights, the color emphasizes the muscles and their shadows.

“You can’t do it when you’re pale. Basically, color is an optical illusion,” says Ourama.

Coach Johannes Leivo finishes Eevi Seikkula’s presentation in the second part of bikini fitness.

Adventure, 23, is a former swimmer and competitive dancer. He started doing fitness at the end of 2019, when his dance partner injured his leg.

Two years ago, Seikkula had just one competition behind him before winning the 21-23 European Championship.

At the beginning of May, he will defend his championship again in Spain, where the European Championships are usually held. Before that, he still competes in Norway.

In dance, Seikkula competed all the way up to the Finnish national team. When he was young, he also swam competitively. According to the coach, Seikkula could succeed in many other sports with his talent.

“Eevi is a wonderful and easy-going athlete,” says Leivo, who, together with his wife, is responsible for Seikkula’s training program, choreography and competition season diet.

Moments before going on stage.

Fitness Seikkula found on Instagram. It’s not a surprise. Fitness is probably bigger on social media than any other sport.

Social media has brought a lot of good things to fitness, but at the same time it has increased the pressure on athletes to look good, and through that, for example, eating disorders.

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Ourama and Seikkula recognize the problem, which can also be in some other weight management sport.

“You have to dare to talk openly about eating disorders. I haven’t had any problems. I have you with me. If I feel that there is no point in the fuss, I ask the coach what to do. I want it to be good,” says the lively Seikkula.

For the spring competition season, Seikkula says he lost 15 kilos. The diet started in November. With a steady pace table, that means three kilos per month.

“In the beginning, more kilos come off, then steadily. In fitness, the energy deficit has to be brought down quite smartly so that the body is very fat-free. If you weren’t competing, it wouldn’t be worth getting into such a tight shape,” says Leivo, who has a master’s degree in engineering and studied nutrition science.

“You can eat chips and a bun sometimes, they don’t hurt. Yesterday I ate meatballs and mashed potatoes. I like treats, and I always have candy with me. Now I’m looking forward to the summer, when I can take it easy and be with my friends,” Seikkula continues.

At the gym, Seikkula trains four times a week. At the same time, he works at Rauma’s mold product and studies psychology at an open university.

“I would like to graduate as a competent crisis worker.”

Eevi Seikkula (right) and competitor Venla Paasonen on stage.

Ourama used to travel a lot for bodybuilding in the USA, but fitness was something new. After reflection, he founded a new sports association in 1992, Suomen Fitnessurheilhu ry.

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The association has about a thousand competing licensed athletes. It is impossible to say the exact number of enthusiasts. There are approximately 1,500 gyms in Finland, of which 800 are commercial.

“The number of people working out in gyms is a big popular movement. There is more good than bad in fitness,” says Ourama.

Doping was banned in fitness sports in 1995. There are doping tests in fitness competitions, but there have been no exceptions.

“There have been carts in the sport and there will be more. The field is wide. People think that there is no testing, and then there are dark coaches and all the lucky charmers in the world,” says Ourama.

He emphasizes that bodybuilding does not do doping tests and is not part of the Fitness Sports Association.

“Fitness is a glamor sport in a certain way. When an athlete gets on stage, he wants to be in Hollywood,” says Ourama.

At the Vantaa Fitness Classic, around 400 athletes in 33 competition series, from 16 years old to over 50 years old, aim for the Hollywood stage atmosphere.

Eevi Seikkula is a former competitive dancer with a good sense of rhythm

There are seven judges in the fitness competitions. The worst and best points are left out of the final result.

The friends cheered Eevi Seikkula’s performance in the audience at the same time as other contestants were getting ready for their own performance.

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