Fishing EU countries agree on fishing quotas for the Baltic Sea – Commercial salmon fishing on the Finnish coast continues roughly unchanged

Herring fishing quotas in the main Baltic Sea basin will be cut for next year, but herring may be fished more in the Gulf of Finland.

Lohen Commercial fishing on the Finnish coast seems to continue at the current level, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry estimates Jari Leppä (middle).

EU agriculture and fisheries ministers decided on next year’s fishing quotas for the Baltic Sea at their meeting in Luxembourg. Fisheries negotiations were traditionally lengthy, and quotas were negotiated throughout the night between Monday and Tuesday.

After the meeting, Leppä described that he was satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations as a whole.

In negotiations it was agreed that commercial fishing for salmon in the main basin of the Baltic Sea would be banned and recreational fishing for salmon would be restricted.

“In this way, a larger number of salmon can enter Finnish coastal waters than before,” Leppä told the media via video call.

At the same time, a favorable mechanism was agreed for Finland, on the basis of which, according to Lepä, it seems strongly that commercial salmon fishing on the Finnish coast can continue as before next year.

The decision made by the ministers deviated slightly from the scientific recommendation. International Council for the Exploration of the Sea had recommended in September that the salmon quota in the main basin of the Baltic Sea be zero next year for both commercial and recreational fishing.

According to Lepä, in the negotiations, Finland sought to ensure that recreational fishing in the main pool was also prohibited in accordance with the scientific recommendation.

“In this respect, that solution was not in line with Finland’s goals.”

Fishing quotas the decision shall consider, inter alia, the sustainability of the environment and, on the other hand, the possibilities for the fishing industry.

Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevičius commented earlier that the decisions taken in the fisheries negotiations were difficult but necessary.

Of the quotas important for Finland, herring fishing quotas in the main basin of the Baltic Sea will be cut by 45 per cent. According to Minister Lepä, it will significantly reduce the fishing opportunities of the Finnish fleets.

“On the other hand, the opportunities for trawling in Finland will improve significantly in the Gulf of Finland, where the quota volume will be considerably higher than in previous years from the beginning of next year.”

The quota for sprat will also be increased.


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