Fires VR’s old terminal building caught fire in Pori – the space was used as a warehouse, some of the goods were completely destroyed

According to the rescue service, the fire originated outside the building.

In Pori On Midsummer Eve, VR’s old terminal building on Karjalankatu caught fire. The building was used as storage space. Several companies were leased in it, according to the Satakunta Rescue Department.

The rescue service caused the actual fire to go out during the night, but will continue to patrol the fire site with the power of one unit until the morning.

The goods in the open canopy of the building were completely destroyed and a few of the warehouses inside suffered extensive damage.

“The building is still standing. A couple of stocks suffered extensive damage, a few other stocks survived. There was some smoke, but they didn’t get sooty, ”said the firefighter on duty Tomi Anttila early saturday morning.

Fire originated outside the building, from where it first spread to the ceiling and from there on to the rest of the building.

Anttila does not assess the extent of the financial damage or the cause of the fire in more detail. Police will begin a fire investigation on Saturday.

“From the outside, however, the fire started. There were clear signs that it could be deduced, ”said Anttila.

The rescue service received an alarm of the fire on Midsummer Eve at about half past eleven in the evening.



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