Fires Two major fire alarms in Harjavalta on Wednesday – Hotel Hiittenharju is on fire

In Harjavalta, a fire was extinguished in an industrial area and a hotel.

Satakunta the rescue department received two alarm missions on Wednesday from a major building fire.

The first of the fires took place in the afternoon in the Harjavalta Industrial Park in the premises of the Boliden Group’s nickel smelter. The roof structures of the industrial space had caught fire.

The Satakunta Rescue Department announced shortly after six o’clock that it had completed the fire-fighting work, after which the surveillance was continued in the room.

Another large building fire caught fire at Hotel Hiittenharju on Hiittenharjuntie. The hotel was on fire on Wednesday at 7 p.m. On-call firefighter Tuomas Kiskola tells HS that people on the hotel premises have been able to be evacuated so that people are not in danger.



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