Fires The smoke descended to street level in Harju, Helsinki, and the grocery store closed its doors when the attic of the Meira factory rumbled – Ensio Jauhiainen watched as the building, which had been familiar for years, burned down

Those who went to the grocery store in Vallila through the smoke were disappointed because the store was closed due to a fire.

“Roof will probably return completely, ”said the observers of the fire at the Meira plant on Sturenkatu in Helsinki on Monday evening. Ensio Jauhiainen.

Smoke burst with great force through the roof into the sky, firefighters sprayed water from the pallets into the interior of the building, and from time to time the roof was demolished.

Jauhiainen lives right next to the fire site on Somerontie and decided to take a closer look at the events.

“I saw from the navigator that the area is closed to traffic,” Jauhiainen says.

The attic of the Meira coffee roastery burned for hours on Monday in Helsinki.

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Sturenkadun there is no smoke on the side, but it spreads along the freezing past towards Harju and Kallio. There it descends to street level.

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The fire comes close to Jauhiainen other than because of the geographical proximity. The building has been familiar for years. Jauhiainen has 70 years of experience of living in Helsinki, and for 70 years he has spun much of these corners.

Among other things, he has worked at Fiskars on the nearby Elimäentie.

“I know the area and the building on fire well,” says Jauhiainen.

Two of Jauhiainen’s sisters once worked in the building. The sisters were working at a sewing shop in the house. Jauhiainen also mentions that there has been a shop in the building where he has been buying spices.

Guests are coming to the village from the north, and Jauhiainen is going to meet them. “I have to come in the morning to see the situation.”

To Sturenkatu, To Ensio Jauhiainen ‘s observatory, the smoke does not spread. Instead, south of the fire site, the smoke from Harju descends to street level.

The atmosphere is unreal when people walk in the middle of the smoke. There is a notice on the door of a nearby grocery store that the store has been closed due to a fire. People walk in the door and turn away in annoyance.

Will be there for the evening too Joonas Toukkari, who lives on nearby Fleminginkatu. He, too, has to admit that today the store is unexpectedly closed, and it is not possible to return the bottles to this store.

He says the unusual smell of smoke started to come in the morning at about ten o’clock in the morning. “The smell of the smoke, however, wasn’t so pungent or alarming,” he describes.

The sounds of the alarm vehicles were also heard, but this is by no means unusual in the area.

The caterpillar describes that the smell of smoke resembled the smell coming from the trees burning in the fireplace. Eventually, he learned of the fire through the news.

“I read in the magazine that ventilation should be turned off and the windows closed. However, these houses in the region usually have gravity ventilation, ”says Toukkari.

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According to Toukkari, there has been a smell all day.

“It’s been pretty steady all this time. I tried to look at the fire from the window, but we can’t see until there are houses in front of us.”

The caterpillar originally had the idea to go after a shopping trip to watch the fire. “Let’s hope they get the job done,” he says, and goes looking for an open store from the other direction.

Correction 20.12. at 10.29 pm: The store mentioned in the story is not located in Harju but in Vallila.

The fire gathered an audience in Helsinki.

Fire trucks pumped water to fire extinguishers on Monday night.

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